SILK + SONDER’S Sonder Kids journals.

Journaling for Kids with Silk + Sonder

2020 was certainly a doozy. And while there was so much going on, I found it to be an incredible time for some deep reflection through journaling. Journaling has been a great…

Dyker Heights Christmas lights

Holiday Magic in Dyker Heights

The holiday season came and went. But in between the magic (or the madness) there was the lull between Christmas and New Year’s where I enjoyed some time off and tons of…

masks up, Covid down

#MasksUpCovidDown Campaign and New Song for 2020

COVID is still going strong, which will likely peak over the holidays. To promote the wearing of masks, Masks For America recently launched #MasksUpCovidDown, a campaign harnessing the power of music, art…


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