“Back to the Future: The Musical” Opens on Broadway

"Back to the Future: The Musical" Opens on Broadway

As a child of the 80s, the Back to the Future Series was one of my favorite movies! It really had everything: suspense, humor, memorable characters. So, when I heard that Back to the Future: The Musical was coming to Broadway, I knew I had to get tickets to see this show with my kids.

"Back to the Future: The Musical" Opens on Broadway

However, theatrical plays from movies can be hard to translate, and sometimes a movie is just a movie. I went in with no expectations other than to watch and be open to this new version.

The second we entered the Winter Garden Theater, I was struck by the set design, emblazoned with circuits that gave off a blue-ish hue. As soon as the familiar opening music started, the audience was thrown into the world of Back to the Future, complete with all of the beloved characters, new songs, stellar dancers and singers, and rotating scenes that brought us from 1985 to 1955.

Led by Casey Likes (Marty McFly) and Roger Bart (Doc Brown), it was a joy to see these beloved characters come to life, accompanied by songs from Alan Silversteri and Glen Ballard.

I think I had a smile on my face the whole time as the stage shifted from Doc’s lab to the diner to Hill Valley to seeing the actual DeLorean. I also love the supporting characters like Hugh Coles who embodied the role of George with all of his signature awkward mannerisms and Nathaniel Hackmann masterfully play Biff. Jelani Remy was another standout as Goldie as he sung “Gotta Start Somewhere,” which quickly became one of my favorite songs from the show.

While the story remains true to the movie (there are some very minor changes and sequence shifts), one of the coolest parts of this theatrical version is its fusion with technology.

This includes the use of screens, cool lighting to convey moments of time travel, a fun clock tower scene as well as an incredible ending with the DeLorean.

After the show, it was cool to see so many families and fans “lit” up from the nostalgic joy that the Back to the Future world still holds in our hearts. Fun, engaging, and entertaining, I highly recommend this new show for families and new fans alike.

Back to the Future: The Musical is currently in previews and opens on August 3rd.


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