Gift Guide: All About Books

Tis’ the season for reading and we have a fun collection of books for you to gift this holiday season.

Gift Guide: All About Books

For Adults

The Self-Esteem Regime: An Action Plan for Becoming the Confident Person You Were Meant to Be by Clarissa Burt

The Self-Esteem Regime: An Action Plan for Becoming the Confident Person You Were Meant to Be by Clarissa Burt

“I wrote The Self-Esteem Regime to address that, despite years of progress, many women today continue to suffer from little confidence and low self-esteem,” says author Clarissa Burt.

This incredible book is the perfect gift to kick-off the new year that is packed with guidance and advice to help women manifest self-confidence in all aspects of their lives; relationships, family, friendships, careers, and everyday engagement.

Featuring case studies, exercises and affirmations, readers will find a step-by-step program for women of all ages and backgrounds. We also loved the mix of humor that felt like our best friend was guiding us along the way, providing nuggets of wisdom while building mental strength, toughness, and resilience. A must have book for 2022.

Angel Numbers Book

The Angel Numbers Book: How to Understand the Messages Your Spirit Guides are Sending You by Mystic Michaela

Written by fourth-generation psychic medium, Mystic Michaela, this powerful book is designed to help readers grow and achieve their goals by the deep understanding of  numerology. Michaela explains that spirit guides are guiding us throughout our lives, seen as repeating numbers. The book provides the tools and insight to better understand the meaning behind these numbers as well as how to reflect on them. The book covers the 999 numbers and its meaning to help readers strengthen their understanding of these messages and to connect to your intention. A beautiful guide that will take you into 2022 with meaning and understanding of what’s beyond.

The Kindness Workbook

The Kindness Workbook by Robin Raven

We all can be a little more kind, can’t we. In the Kindness Workbook, author Robin Raven, highlights how a daily kindness practice can breed positivity, inspire others, and create real change.

The guide features steps and introspective prompts to help readers be kinder and gentler, which can help readers be kind to others. Some uplifting prompts include, Developing Daily Affirmations, Manifest Your Values, Create a Kindness Playlist, and much more. You’ll also find a guided meditation for releasing anger, ideas for charitable giving with a limited budget, tips for calling out positivity when you see it, and so much more. A guide for a new you, The Kindness Workbook will have you feeling calmer, more compassionate, less stressed, and happy. Can’t recommend this book enough to help you to tap into your kindness and find joy!

For Kids

The Robert Ingpen Collection Children’s Classics

The Robert Ingpen Collection Children’s Classics

The classics holds a special place in every child’s library. This holiday season give the gift of The Robert Ingpen Collection Children’s Classics. Featuring Pinocchio and Peter Pan to A Christmas Carol and Robinson Crusoe, the Robert Ingpen Collection features the gorgeous illustrations Robert Ingpen using the original unabridged text. This includes 16 books with over 70 full color illustrations that would make for a wonderful library of classic children’s stories.

A beautiful series of illustrated children’s classics and timeless stories, young readers will be reawakened or introduced to these classics in a vibrant with Ingpen’s drawings.

WEIRD BUT TRUE! NEW YORK CITY by National Geographic Kids Books

WEIRD BUT TRUE! NEW YORK CITY by National Geographic Kids Books

What does your kid really know about NYC? While they might know the basics, there are so many interesting, fun, and weird facts that will love uncovering in WEIRD BUT TRUE! NEW YORK CITY!

Designed for ages 8-11, this book is packed with fascinating and interesting tidbits about the Big Apple that will even surprise NYC natives. The vibrant book is packed with photographs and fun graphics that makes it easy to follow as your child learns 300 facts about the five boroughs, including giant pillow fights, cat film festivals, epic Broadway musicals, and pizza-loving rats. Kids will love learning about the little known facts of NYC – featuring insight from the past and present. A must have for mini travelers and curiosity-seekers.

We were given some samples for review. All opinions, as always, are our own.


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