Mayan Revival Dinner in NYC

Chefs Elide and Delfina Castillo Tzab, founders of Semillas de Dioses (“Gods’ Seeds”), a Maya women’s cooperative based in the state of Yucatán, will be showing the flavors of the Maya culture at the upcoming Mayan Revival Dinner in NYC on May 5th.

Organized by nonprofit group Fundacion Ara macao, this multi-course gastronomic event will use ancient Maya techniques and ingredients to offer guests the opportunity to experience the Maya culture of the Yucatán through traditional gastronomy and modern dance inspired by Mayan mythology. Based in the Yucatán Peninsula, Fundacion Ara macao aims to build socioeconomic and ecological resilience, with a focus on equity and sustainable alternative livelihoods for local communities, while providing a platform for individuals who are at the forefront of development challenges and making a difference for their communities, building on traditions, creating more sustainable socio-economic opportunities for the most vulnerable and protecting the environment.

In addition to the culinary experience, the dinner will feature New York’s Dzul Dance group performing original choreographies inspired by Maya mythology. Dzul Dance fuses dance with aerial arts, contortion and acrobatics to communicate pre-Hispanic, Mexican and Latino indigenous culture, creating bridges between contemporary art and historical heritage. Dzul Dance is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

The event also features photographer Martin Broen who will share his experiences in exploring the cenote (sinkhole) system of the Yucatán — the realm of the Maya underworld — including through his spectacular photography, with diners. The Maya of the Yucatán Peninsula have shared an intimate relationship with cenotes across time. The cenote system is in peril, posing a challenge to the entire region and its people.

Net proceeds from this event will go to support Fundacion Ara macao’s projects in the Yucatán Peninsula, including those related to women’s empowerment, community livelihoods and the conservation of nature.

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