THE RIDE Holiday Edition is Back — and it’s Wilder than Ever

THE RIDE Holiday Edition is Back -- and it's Wilder than Ever

Have you ever played tourist in NYC? We love doing that from time-to-time, checking out landmarks and local attractions that make this city so special and recently did that again when we took THE RIDE Holiday Edition celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza and New York re-invented in an experience you’ve never had before.

An experience like no other, THE RIDE is not your typical tourist bus where you feel like you’re entering a new world complete with 40-LCD TV screens, 3,000 LED lights and surround sound to enjoy original seasonal music, videos and the antics of hilarious hosts who keep the energy up and the mood light as you enjoy a 4.2 mile journey through Midtown New York.

THE RIDE Holiday Edition is Back -- and it's Wilder than Ever

Starting on 42nd Street, we entered the black bus emblazoned with “THE RIDE” on its exterior and sat in its stadium-style seating featuring floor-to-ceiling glass windows for the best views of the streets and the show/experience. Looking ahead and up we had the chance to NYC in a completely new and engaging way. Greeted by two energetic hosts who were cracking jokes and got us into the world of THE RIDE we knew we were in for a fun, wild, and unexpected experience.

THE RIDE Holiday Edition is Back -- and it's Wilder than Ever

Once we were driving around, the hosts engaged all of us, asking questions and making some of us a part of the jokes (in a fun way) as well as unexpected people on the streets. Along the way, The RIDE made stops where dancers and singers performed a mini show right on the NYC streets that we had front-row access to. One of our favorite parts was the rapping Tiny Timothy (you have to go with it!) who free-styled about NYC and the people around him. We also loved the dancers at Columbus Circle and singers/violin player.

THE RIDE Holiday Edition is Back -- and it's Wilder than Ever

The RIDE is even a character itself, providing facts about NYC from its screen as we learned about Rockerfeller Center and Central Park, to name a few.  One of our favorite parts was a drive through Time Square, belting out “New York, New York” with our hosts.

Dubbed a “theatre-on-wheels,” the RIDE is kicking off its 10th Anniversary  where you can get tickets to the Holiday Edition until January 2, 2022. A must check out experience, The RIDE is wild, fun, and engaging — and we are so happy that they’re back in NYC ready to engage and delight.

Check out our video to see more about this wild/fun experience:

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