Camp-Free Summer Activities in New York

Camp-Free Summer Activities in New York

Well, here we are: summer 2020. The happiest time of the year for our kiddos has also become a time that is super stressful and concerning as we all figure out what to do. While some camps are open, many of us are nervous about sending our kids to place that is establishing their safety standards for COVID-19. For those looking for some ideas, we’ve sharing an on-going list of camp-free summer activities, including day trip ideas to inspire you and your kiddos to (safely) make the most of the summer.

Camp-Free Summer Activities in New York

  1. Have a picnic in Blue Mountain Park (they have ample picnic benches).
  2. Enjoy a day in Bay Ridge by the Shore.
  3. Enjoy a weekend getaway to Woodloch.
  4. Enjoy a weekend getaway to Lake Placid.
  5. Go strawberry picking to Fishkill Farms, Jones Farm, or the Sussex County Strawberry Farm.
  6. Check out a drive-in movie.
  7. Enjoy a day trip to Dutchess County.
  8. Visit Lasdson Park and check out the dinosaur park.
  9. Take a hike. Some of our favorites are Turkey Mountain Nature Preserve, Tarrywile Park  in Danbury, Farringtons Park in Connecticut,  Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Zofnass Family Trail in Pound Ridge.
  10. Spend a day at Boundless Adventures.
  11. Explore Art Omni.
  12. Have an arts and crafts day with slime from DIY Slime.
  13. Enjoy a beach day at Rye or Croton Point Park in Westchester.
  14. Walk the boardwalk at Rye.
  15. Enjoy outdoor dining.
  16. Visit a local pool. Check out Westchester Government for updated details.
  17. Try a new flavor of ice cream at King Kone.

Make the most out of your weekend!

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