Bring Instant Cheer to Your Door with YearCheer’s Curated Holiday Boxes

Bring Instant Cheer to Your Door with YearCheer's Curated Holiday Boxes

We can all use a little more cheer in our lives, especially during these unprecedented times. To help ease the stress of planning the holidays, we have been loving YearCheer, a curated box filled with everything you need to decorate, connect and have fun around specific holidays.

YearCheer Tie-Die Fun

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Designed for kids ages three to tween (though they are really great for all ages), the YearCheer boxes come with easy decorations and table setting, fun activities, games and fun surprises. We recently tested out the 4th of July box (use the code Serena15 to get 15% off your YearCheer box) and had a blast with all of the activities, which included a Tie-Dye Kit (!), balloons, a book, a puzzle, and glow sticks that had our whole family engaged and ready to celebrate the 4th.

This month they will be giving 100% of their profits to The Conscious Kid Anti Racist Children’s Books Education Fund. Donations will bring anti racist books into classrooms across the country.

We also had the chance to chat with Kathryn Richardson, mom of four and the founder of YearCheer, who shared more about how the company started, how they curate their boxes, and more!

Interview with Kathryn Richardson, Founder of YearCheer

Interview with Kathryn Richardson, Founder of Year Cheer

Weekend Jaunts: How did the idea for Year Cheer come about?

Kathryn Richardson: Great question! The idea came to me about a year ago. I’m a mom of 4 kids (ages 2-11) who works full time in corporate America. My husband also works full time so time is always a precious commodity in our household. As my kids hit Elementary School age they started talking to me about all of the fun things that “other moms” were doing for their kids for all of the holidays throughout the year. While my kids gave me major credit for going all out on Christmas and Birthdays, my oldest daughter referred to me as a “Holiday Scrooge” for other holidays.

yearcheer mom interview

While I had every intention of doing something fun for holidays such as Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day, I would find myself scrounging around the house for something fun to decorate the house and give the kids late at night before the holiday. One St Patrick’s day my sister had sent me a box of St Patrick’s day goodies that completely saved the day. I thought, what if I could use my retail experience curating product to make celebrating and having fun with your families easier and more fun for busy moms like me? A few months later, YearCheer was born! Its everything you need to decorate, connect and celebrate with your family – delivered right to you!

Interview with Kathryn Richardson, Founder of Year Cheer

Weekend Jaunts: How do you curate the products in the boxes?

Kathryn Richardson: As a merchant for over 20 years with brands such as Target, Gap, Old Navy and Under Armour, curating the product is one of my favorite parts of the process. The process starts with an idea or concept for the holiday around what I think would be fun for families to do together.

Then I visit Trade Shows, boutiques, Etsy, Instagram and Pinterest to find the best products, vendors and inspiration to curate the assortment. In every box we include a packing list that shows everything in the box as well as YearCheer exclusive games and activities.

Weekend Jaunts: How can your box help parents, especially during these times?

Kathryn Richardson: Parents want their kids to have happy memories of this time in quarantine, but with so much of there responsibilities falling on parents to entertain and teach their kids, parents are exhausted! We design YearCheer boxes to be fun for both parents and kids. As one of our many five-star reviews says, “So much fun for the kids… so easy for me!” This box is beautifully packaged and designed to bring both the parents and the kids joy as soon as they open it. Each box has multiple activities inside so you can spread the holiday fun across multiple days. During this time where social distancing is still the norm, we take away the need to go to multiple stores to find just the right decor and activities to enjoy a holiday with your kids. I still have my full time job in addition to founding YearCheer and I have found myself using these boxes to help me create awesome holiday moments with the kids!

Weekend Jaunts: What other boxes do you offer?

Kathryn Richardson: We currently celebrate 10 Holidays for 8 months of the year. We offer New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Spring, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

Weekend Jaunts: What’s included in the boxes?

Kathryn Richardson: It has three elements: decorate, connect and have fun. In decorate, you will receive 3-4 high quality table top, banners and other decor items that elevate the holiday above the everyday. Connect includes 3-4 games, family activities and a holiday book that encourage spending quality time together and have fun includes 1-2 fun surprises for the kids that keep them busy and entertained.

Year Cheer 4th of July Box

Weekend Jaunts: How can everyone get a 4th of July box?

Kathryn Richardson: Visit to reserve your box today. 4th of July boxes are on sale until they sell out or 7/25! ** Our last 4 boxes sold out so don’t delay!*

Weekend Jaunts: Anything else to add?

Kathryn Richardson: YearCheer boxes are great for age 3-tween. One box works for a family of up to 4 kids. YearCheer boxes make a great gifts to give friends, teachers or co-workers working from home with kids. Its also an amazing gift to to ask the grandparents for!


Make the most out of your weekend!

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