Meaningful Gift Options from JaneCare + an Interview with its Founder

Meaningful Gift Options from JaneCare + Interview with its Founder

Self care has taken on a whole new meaning during COVID. For some of us, it’s been impossible to have any time to nurture ourselves. While there is a lot to stress about, there have also been times of celebration with special events, birthdays, or simply times when you want to tell someone that you are thinking about them. Enter JaneCare, a new company that offers beautifully curated CARE kits designed to help recipients care for themselves and others during challenging times, while also doing good for others.

Started in April 2020 by Julie Stewart, the JaneCare CARE Kit line launched with six curated boxes that supports health and empowerment through beauty, education, experience, and humor. Available in a beautifully packaged boxes, each CARE Kit is created and curated by women- and minority-owned businesses where you can find brands like Woolzies, Scentered, Unite Foods, Stone Muse, and Manna Kadar Beauty, to name a few options.

Meaningful Gift Options from JaneCare + Interview with its Founder

We had the opportunity to sample the Relax CARE kit that was filled with goodies like a  candle, a succulent, bath bombs, shea butter and coconut oil soap, essential oil and bedtime ritual cards. This kit is all about focusing on slowing down and taking time for yourself, we love using these products to unwind and take care of our mind and body.

To learn even more about JaneCare, check out our latest interview with JaneCare ‘s founder Julie Stewart as she shares more about how she started and what’s next!

Interview with Julie Stewart of JaneCare

Iterview with Julie Stewart of JaneCare

Weekend Jaunts: How did the idea for a JaneCare come about?

Julie Stewart: JaneCare makes the perfect gift for life’s imperfect moments.  And no time is more imperfect than right now.

When we learned that my husband’s aunt had a difficult diagnosis a year ago, we wanted to send something.  We scoured the internet and couldn’t find anything.  We didn’t want to send flowers and we couldn’t take food.  So we built our own care package and sent it.  And she loved it.  But not everyone has time to do that.  At JaneCare, we make it easy.

Especially during a time of loss or anticipated loss, we just need to feel cared for and to know that people are thinking about us. My friends and family have told me that getting a card or a thoughtful gift box is a real source of strength. I’ve had close friends and relatives call when they get these care packages, with joy in their voices.  They’ve even told me, years later, that they still have the teddy bear from the package I sent after the death of their spouse. Hearing this made me realize that people need to be able to do this more easily for their loved ones, especially now when it’s so hard to get face-to-face with people safely.

Weekend Jaunts: Tell us more about how you find/curate the brands in the boxes?

Julie Stewart: Our care packages are curated on the concept of supporting women-owned businesses. During Covid, I saw how many other women business owners were really struggling and yet were really remaining positive and helping each other keep their businesses is going. This really inspired me.  I decided to curate our gift box contents from women-owned company made products.

I also focus on healthy products, quality products and goods that are made in the USA from women owned businesses. And I look with what speaks to my heart, picking things that feel good. We choose products that touch people’s senses, whether it’s something that tastes good, a candle that smells good, a lotion or essential oil that feels good, or a beauty product that makes us look and feel good.

Weekend Jaunts: The Relax and Sleep Kits are particularly important for women and moms. Tell us about those boxes!

Julie Stewart: During the last few months I’ve heard so many of my friends and family talk about how difficult it is to sleep right now. Everyone has so much on their minds. One of the most important aspects of self-care is getting a good night’s sleep. It truly cannot be underestimated. So JaneCare created a SLEEP CARE kit.  We also created a RELAX CARE box. Both I designed to help you unwind, distress, rest, and renew.  These are part ritual, part product, and part comfort. With essential oils, a sleep mask, Candles, JaneCare relaxation cards, beauty products and special gemstones, they are a great way for us all to remember to take a break and chill out.

Especially with school starting and heading into a Covid–fall, rest and relaxation are critical for moms. Because taking care of mom is critical for the whole family.  As a working mom myself, I know that balance, right now, is nearly impossible. The stress of online learning, juggling multiple children or a job (or both) and trying to take care of yourself and your marriage or other relationships becomes overwhelming sometimes.

With JaneCare, we can send ourselves a care package or send a gift of self-care to someone we love. It’s a great back to school gift for the teachers and other essential people in our lives

Weekend Jaunts: What does self-care mean to you?

Julie Stewart: As an owner of two businesses, working mom, and someone who always seems to be busy, self-care means really listening to my body and giving my mind and body a break.  I’ll be honest, my first reach for comfort these days has been ice cream. But that is not a long-term solution. These last few months have been a chance for me to pay attention when I get tired or irritable and get some rest or take a walk. Self-care has meant being more intentional in how I spend my time and what I allow myself to get upset about. Self-care is also about not wearing sweatpants every day and doing my hair even when I don’t want to because looking better makes me feel better.

janecare kits

Weekend Jaunts: What are some of the kits that are offered?

Sleep CARE Kit: More than 20% of people report sleep issues due to COVID anxiety and quarantining. The perfect gift for those experiencing sleeplessness, this thoughtful kit features women-owned goods including JaneCare bedtime ritual cards, a cleansing gem bracelet, a satin sleep mask, and four essential oil treatments. Valued at over $90, this kit is available now for $59.99.

Relax CARE Kit: It’s normal to feel overwhelmed in uncertain times like these, but this kit will help recipients relax, unwind, and renew, with the help of four bedtime ritual CARE cards, lavender bath bombs, a lavender soy candle, a relaxing essential oil blend, handmade shea butter and essential oil soap, and a forever succulent. Available now for $59.99.

PampHer CARE: Self-care is the road to self-love and feeling good can put you on the path to your new normal. New moms, tired moms, birthday girls, the newly-single, and anyone in need of a pick-me-up will appreciate the included champagne bath bombs, body butter, stress relief essential oil roll on, rose quartz necklace, and faux forever succulent. Valued at over $100, this kit is available now for $59.99.

Gentlemen Care: Men need pampering too, and a bit of self-care can reduce stress and improve sleep – two key components to well-being. This kit is packed full of stylish products including gel pomade, a 3-in-1 body wash/shampoo/conditioner, moisturizing eye cream, an aromatherapy balm, lip balm, and faux succulent. Valued at over $80, this kit is available now for $49.99.

Everyday CARE Kit: Heading into this new normal can be scary. Recipients of this kit can head back to school, work, or even just to their next Zoom call with confidence thanks to this comforting kit packed with products sourced exclusively from women-owned businesses. Contents include a coffee tumbler, journal and 3-in-1 pen/stylus/highlighter, a JaneCare face covering, three protein-packed Unite food bars, JaneCare lip moisturizer, and a three-piece kit with germ fighter, cold stopper, and immunity essential oil blends. Valued at $80, this kit is available now for $49.99.

Weekend Jaunts: What’s next for you?

Julie Stewart: Next for me is the start of eighth grade for my daughter, managing both businesses and caring for the family, trying to get out into the woods to smell the trees and look up at the sky, and connecting with others to be helpful instead of focusing on my anxieties about the future.

For Jane care, we are excited to be launching three new boxes this fall.  Dropping this month, in time for back to school, is Our SNACK CARE box.  Made with snacks from all women-owned businesses including Unite Food, Numa, Sweet Street, and Simply Gum, our Snack care pack includes a JaneCare water bottle and is guaranteed to have gluten-free snacks mom and kids will love.

In the fall, our GRIEF CARE kits launch.  It’s a long-lasting hug in a box.  With our Plushland handmade teddy bear (because you are never too old to have a stuffed bear), our heart-shaped gem stones from Stone Muse in amethyst and rose quartz, Tea Drops tea mix, our everlasting succulent, a self-care skin product from Manna Kadar, and our JaneCare Grief Cards, anyone can send kindness to anyone dealing with loss, stress, anxiety and grief.

CARE Kits and masks are available exclusively at Products ship directly to recipients and include custom gift messages written by hand on a beautiful JaneCare card.

We received a product for review. All opinions, as always, are our own.



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