Toddler Adventures: Fun Day at the Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo with a Toddler

Last week I had the best time with my active toddler, exploring the Bronx Zoo. Having been to the zoo numerous times in the past, it was our very first time there together that was filled with tons of walking, learning and excitement.

bronx zoo camel

bronx zoo rhino

bronx zoo gorilla

We went on a Wednesday, which is actually a free day at the zoo, which was actually pretty packed despite the cold/gray day. Equipped with our lunch and an arsenal of snacks, we proceed to check out the zoo with no specific agenda, which was a welcome change for our norm. It was incredible to watch my 2.5-year-old who was filled with excitement and wonder as she walked, looking at all of the animals along the way. She loved the lemurs, tigers, lions, seals, turtles, bison, bears, camels, birds–whew we saw a lot! The most shocking thing to her was getting a very up close look at the gorilla who spit out his food and then proceed to eat it. She screamed at the sight of that and quickly wanted to leave the gorilla area, which is now a story that we recount and laugh about.

birds at the bronx zoo

exploring the bronx zoo

On top of the standard exhibits, the zoo also tons of special experiences (such as the aforementioned Congo Gorilla Forest) where you can pay an additional fee to see enclosed areas.  There are also additional activities that you can check out, like the Bug Carousel, 4-D Theater, Camel Rides and more.

After a day of walking around and exploring, we ended it with a huge ice cream (but of course!) as she happily talked about the new animals that she had the chance to see and learn more about. I just loved how we could have this special time together and explore in a different way than what I would have with my older girls. Of course they are begging to go again, so I’m sure that will include even more adventures at this incredible place.

And the zoo it’s just for kids! Be sure to check out their upcoming adult events including: Brew at the Zoo and the Overnight at the Zoo.

For additional information on the Bronx Zoo, please visit:

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