Delicious Options at Exit 4 Food Hall

Exit 4 Food Hall in Mount Kisco

Discovering a new area is all about understanding its local attractions, and for me that has also involved learning about new restaurants. When we first came to our town, we instantly gravitated towards the local pizza restaurant (because, pizza) only to learn that our walkable joint was closing and being reinvented into something new.

Some three months later that something new is also something phenomenal with Exit 4 Food Hall. A foodie’s paradise, Exit 4 Food Hall offers literally something for everyone where you can find various food stations in a communal eating environment. This includes sandwiches, pasta, pizza, raw seafood, salads, and much more. This one-stop dining experience is focused on seasonal, locally sourced and artisinally crafted food in a lively and upbeat dining environment.

I recently had the chance to try out some of its amazing fare during a local Westchester blogger meeting and loved the collection of charcuterie, sushi and salads that we had the opportunity to try. It reminded me of an upscale party where you can try out a little bit of everything. The food hall also offers drinks (specifically wine and craft beer) that has its own separate station where you can also opt to drop-in and sit at the bar.

The vibe of the place was also really enjoyable that was really packed on a Tuesday night. Having passed by during the weekend, you can also see how much of a scene Exit 4 brings and for good reason. The only determent is it would be tough to bring really little kids here. The tables are really high and the inside space is narrow, but I definitely would reserve it for a date-night or girls’ night out. Delicious, fun and an awesome vibe, Exit 4 is definitely a must-try restaurant in Westchester.

Visit Exit 4 Food Hall:
153 Main St. Mount Kisco, NY 10549
For more info, visit:

Our Westchester blogger group was provided with complimentary food.




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