Weekend Wellness at the ChiYa Mini Treat

Weekend Wellness at the ChiYa Mini Treat

It’s really hard to get away. Of course COVID is a factor in this, but life is also so very busy — whether you’re a parent or not.  So, I was thrilled when I learned about the ChiYa Mini-retreat at the O2 Living Sanctuary at Cross River, which offered a combination of Yoga and Tai Chi, wellness education, movement, breath work, Ayurvedic and Eastern nutrition — all with a focus on healing — for a half-day.

Weekend Wellness at the ChiYa Mini Treat

Curated by Michelle Briks Prosper and Nicole Sturomski, the day of healing and learning  started with intros and gentle breath work as soaked in the beauty of the space and set our intentions for the day. We then enjoyed an incredible (and restorative!) Yoga class — led by Michelle — that took us through intentional poses that connected us to our hearts, minds, and bodies as we flowed and moved through the space with her gentle guidance.

Weekend Wellness at the ChiYa Mini Treat

We then enjoyed an incredible vegan lunch from the with lentil soup, rice with ghee and roasted carrots and squash, followed by a chat about Ayurvedic nutrition and eating for the season. Michelle spoke about eating warm foods and going away from cold (such as salads), enhancing foods with spices such as cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, using ghee, and leaning to the left to aid in digestion.

The beautiful day ended with an intro to Tai Chi where Nikki showed our group signature poses as our bodies flowed and followed her movements, becoming various animals through breath work. It was so interesting to learn these poses, which was a lot harder than I realized. I loved the flow and form of each movement that helped me to feel powerful and focused.

We closed with a deep breathing exercise, feeling lighter and more connected to our bodies — and each other.

Such a beautiful day of connection, nutrition, and wellness, I left with a good taste of different techniques  and ways to incorporate these healing modalities into my daily life. They are also offering another retreat in Novemeber. Check out O2 Living Sanctuary for the latest updates.


Make the most out of your weekend!

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