A Moment of Zen at The Zen Den

A Moment of Zen at The Zen Den

Finding moments of zen in one’s day is incredibly hard, especially during a pandemic! With life slowly getting back to “normal,” or a version of a new normal it’s so important to take care of your mind, body, and soul.

To get a jumpstart on my wellness game, I took a mini road trip to Beacon, NY to visit The The Zen Den,  a sanctuary where you can treat and heal the mind and body naturally through full-body red light therapy, infrared sauna, and a meditation nook.

Opened only four months ago by celebrity makeup artist and wellness expert Alexandria Gilleo who has been treating her body and mind naturally for years and finally decided create an everyday escape for the greater Hudson Valley community.

“I am fortunate to have a dedicated space in my own home to practice my wellness routine,” said Alexandria Gilleo. “In the COVID-era, our homes have become offices, gyms, daycares and restaurants – yet many haven’t considered creating an area where they can de-stress and re-center themselves. I opened My Zen Den as that destination where the greater Hudson Valley community can relax, recharge and rejuvenate.”

Incredibly, this includes access to treatments at an affordable price (packages range from a single 20-minute red light therapy session for $28 to a 10-pack of mix-and-match services for $245). This was pretty shocking as I thought the treatments would be at least double!

Zen Den Beacon interiors

Zen Den Beacon interiors

Prior to starting my treatments, Alex gave me a tour of the space where I instantly felt lighter and at ease by its calming and welcoming decor.

Interior decor at MY Zen Den Beacon

Alex noted, “My Zen Den’s interior was inspired by my personal healing experience in Tulum, but with a local twist.” She added, “To embrace the idea of welcoming nature indoors, we brought in soft whites, raw, reclaimed woods sourced throughout the Hudson Valley, and earthy, organic textures.”

Zen Den Beacon

My Zen Den Beacon Sauna

After the tour, I started my first treatment with the full-body red light therapy, a non-invasive, zero-contact treatment that delivers concentrated light to your skin and cells. I have tried the face version at the dermatologists in the past, but I was excited about this milder version that would benefit my whole body. Alex explained that the benefits are really seen with consistency (around 4 times), but that I would still feel amazing after my first time. After getting undressed, I pressed a button and closed my eyes as the red light (benefits from the sun without the UV rays) targeted the front of my body for 10 minutes. I then turned around for another 10 minutes.

After the red light treatment, I went to the infrared sauna to detox using infrared energy (heat). It was explained that I would sweat and rid my body of toxins. Alex gave me a towel (you can also bring your own) that I placed on the bench in the sauna and went from sitting to laying down, depending on what I could tolerate.

Overtime, this can help with pain relief, improve sleep, revive the skin, weight loss, and more! I tried this for 15 minutes (out of the 20) and loved the first 10 minutes of just completely dripping in sweat and closing my eyes, enjoying tea, breathing in, and soaking in the quiet. After the 15 minutes, I had to get out as it got too hot for me, but I think overtime I would be able to build up my tolerance and really reap even more benefits.

Zen Den bathroom

After the treatments, I refreshed in The Zen Den’s incredible bathroom that was filled with products and everything you need to go out into the world. It’s also the cutest bathroom, filled with an ode to Woodstock, poems, and VOGUE covers.

The Zen Den Beacon store

The space also has the cutest store featuring brands/products that Alex has worked with over the years. This includes a curated selection of wellness products, including Four Sigmatic’s best selling adaptogen powders and a selection of Anima Mundi Herbals’ signature elixirs

An affordable option for everyone, My Zen Den is the perfect addition to any wellness routine for anyone who wants incorporate these new rituals into their lives to recover and recharge.

How to sign up: My Zen Den can accommodate up to two
socially-distanced visitors at a time and private bookings will also be available. All clients will require an appointment, which can be booked on My Zen Den’s website. All equipment is completely disinfected between customers, as well as upon opening and closing each day. For additional sanitization, the space features an AirDoctor Air Purifier and UVC disinfection light.

Check out even more about My Zen Den from my interview with Alex on IGTV.


1 East Main Street, Beacon, NY
Book Your Visit : MyZenDenBeacon.com
Hours: Monday – Friday: 9AM-8PM
Saturday – Sunday: 10AM-5PM
By appointment only, no walk-ins
Contact : 845.232.1119 or [email protected]

To book your appointment, visit MyZenDenBeacon.com and follow @myzendenbeacon on
social for updates on special events and offers.



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