Snow Day Adventure to the Westchester Children’s Museum

snow day at Westchester Children's Museum

This weekend, the girls and I ventured to a different part of Westchester to check out the Westchester Children’s Museum. The caveat? It was snowing, like a lot. But, as with any weekend adventure, I didn’t want snow to get in the way of our time together. After cleaning up the car, we loaded up and headed to Rye.

I’ve only been to Rye one other time during a trip to Rye Playland when I was a kid. Even with all of the rides covered in snow, they were excited to see the amusement park park, and of course, couldn’t wait to go back. After we parked we made our way to the museum and checked-in our bags and coats. You can also leave your strollers there, too!

cool chairs at Westchester Children's Museum

seriously play at westchester children's museum

book nook westechester children's museum

reading nook at westchester children's museum

The girls quickly went to get ‘there discovery on’ as they ran to these two rolling chairs that make it feel as if you;re going to fall as they test your balance. I tried it myself and the chairs were both terrifying and exciting! After that they played with the ‘built your own rollercoaster’ exhibit where they could place a ball within a loop and watch it go. They did this countless times as they explored the dynamics of motion, force, and speed. After that we went to the reading nook area that was set up with plush seated cushions and tons of books. A perfect area to chill out and read.

toddler beach westchester children's museum

makerspace area westchester children's museum

The museum was filled with other cool activities, like the toddler beach, that my two-year-old was obsessed with. A four and under area, this cool play area overlooks the Long Island Sound where kids can jump, climb and bop around. My older daughters loved the nearby makerspace where they created a snowman from putty. They also had blocks on-hand as well as a wind experiment that kept them entertained while my little one was tumbling in the toddler area.

With three kids of all different ages, I found that there was tons of cool things do, specially for my 5 and 2 year old. My older daughter did love the makerspace, but I think some of what was offered wasn’t targeted for her age. It was also pretty small, which can be good or bad depending on what you are looking for. I appreciated the railroad style layout since it allowed my older girls to explore and create in the makerspace as my little one went wild in the toddler area.

long island sound westchester children's museum

westchester children's museum view

And with the snowy day, I also loved the view that was a backdrop of the Long Island Sound that was dusted with snow.  After our day at the museum, they happily ran around the boardwalk as we talked about what we loved and how we couldn’t wait to come back when it was much warmer!

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Make the most out of your weekend!

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