Get to Know More about Rachel Klein: Founder of Revival Almond Butter

Interview with Rachel Klein of Revival Food  with Rachel Klein of Revival Food 

With back to school season in full swing (in all different forms!), I’ve been making lunches and making sure a healthy snack option is nearby. Enter Revival Food Co, a company that makes a variety of almond butters that packs in punch flavor and variety.

As someone who loves almond and peanut butter, I was super impressed by the flavor and texture of these almond butter that really lets the simple ingredients shine. This includes a line that doesn’t include sugar, any preservatives, palm oil, and no GMOs. As for variety, they have a classic almond butter, a super spread almond butter, coco love almond butter, chai time almond butter, and a balance blend almond butter — many of which are Whole 30 Approved.

This can be enjoyed with crackers, in a sandwich, as a dip with fruit, or even straight out of the jar. To learn more about the line, we spoke with Revival’s founder, Rachel Klein that started she made her classic almond butter (which is still sold today!) as a wedding favor at her wedding that turned into Revival Food Co. Check out more about Rachel and the line below:

Interview with Rachel Klein of Revival Food Co.

Interview with Rachel Klein of Revival Food 

Rachel Klein: How did the idea for Revival come about?

Weekend Jaunts: I never imagined a million years that I would one day own a food brand, let alone an almond butter company! However, I always had an entrepreneurial bug in me– I wanted to start up a yoga/dance studio, but put a pause on that idea because my husband and I had just gotten married and weren’t sure where we would be settling down. I was already making almond butter for fun at home, just because I loved it so much, so I decided to try to sell it as a sort of “practice business” before opening up a fitness studio. I was searching for an idea of what to hand out to guests as a wedding favor at our wedding and I decided to make mini jars of my almond butter and hand them out.

That recipe turned into The Classic, which we still sell today! Our friends and family loved my almond butters so much that I decided to launch a company, which became Revival Food Co.!

Revival Food Co review

Rachel Klein: Tell us a little more about the product line?

Weekend Jaunts: Our almond butters come in five unique, delicious flavors and don’t contain any added sugars, peanuts, GMOs, or palm oil.

Revival Food Co.’s 9oz jars of almond butter come in five flavors:

Classic Almond Butter // Sea Salt + Vanilla
Super Spread Almond Butter // Hemp + Chia + Flax
Coco Love Almond Butter // Raw Cacao + Coconut
Chai Time Almond Butter // Cinnamon + Chai Spices
Balance Blend Almond Butter // Rosemary + Maca

Rachel Klein: Why was it important for you to start Revival?

Weekend Jaunts: I originally started this company because as a dancer and athlete I was really frustrated with the lack of plant-based nut butter options made with pure ingredients available to me on grocery store shelves. I wanted delicious food that would revive my body and make me feel good.

I’m also a mom to three amazing kids and they inspire me every day to show that being a present, full-time mom and a successful entrepreneur are not mutually exclusive. This spirit of balance between work and family is actually the inspiration for the name Revival, proving that we can always reinvent ourselves to create our own best life. It was important for me to tap into that entrepreneurial spirit and create a company that I feel proud of and a product I feel good about serving to my family.

Interview with Rachel Klein of Revival Food  with Rachel Klein of Revival Food 

Rachel Klein: How is Revival different from what’s out there?

Weekend Jaunts: Our biggest differentiator is our unique flavor lineup! There wasn’t a whole lot of variety in the nut butter aisle when I started this company; I wanted something different.

We truly have something for everyone. Whether you like a tried and true classic or you want to mix it up with something more adventurous like chai or chocolate Coconut. I love toying and tinkering with new flavor combinations. It’s one of the things that makes our brand different from every other nut butter out there.

Revival Food Co Almond Butter

Rachel Klein: What’s next for you and Revival Food Co?

Weekend Jaunts: This summer we hit a major brand milestone when we launched at nearly 1,000 Walmarts nationwide and on Right now we’re focused on growing the brand and its awareness through all of those new retail doors! We’re so excited for so many more consumers to have access to our product and we hope they love it as much as we do!

Rachel Klein: Where can we find Revival Food Co?

Weekend Jaunts: Revival Food Co.’s 9oz jars of almond butter come in five flavors and are available on, as well as Amazon!

Discover even more about Revival here.


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