Cool Event in Westchester: Parents’ Night Out at the JBFC

When was the last time you had a night out? If you can’t answer that, then it’s about time to get out past 8pm to enjoy a cultural activity to boot. Sounds crazy, right?! Thanks to our friends at the at the JBFC you can actually make this happen with ease where the whole family can enjoy a night out, complete with a supper reception of summer salads and a movie!

How it works: you drop off your kids (ages 5-12) at the Media Arts Lab (405 Manville Road, down the street from the Theater) where you then go to a reception in the Jane Peck Gallery at their theater and enjoy drinks, food, and a chance to chat with other parents before watching the film, Paris Can Wait. Kids get pizza*, engage in activities spearheaded by Club Fit, and watch Space Jam (1996).  You pick up your kids by 9:00pm and everyone is happy where they had the chance to enjoy activities and movies that they all wanted to watch.

 Parents’ Night Out at the JBFC

Adult Ticket (Includes film admission for one, wine, light supper, and dessert)
$30 (JBFC member)
$35 (nonmember)

Child Ticket
$35 (member)
$40 (nonmember)

*Dietary restrictions will be accommodated.

Each adult member/nonmember ticket includes a parents’ reception and movie ticket for adults. Each child ticket includes pizza, activities, and a movie at our Media Arts Lab (down the street from our Theater) for children ages 5–12.

For more info, please visit:


Make the most out of your weekend!

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