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Serenity now! We are living in very turbulent times. No one is sleeping, everyone is attached to their phones and stress levels are flying through the roof. To help combat (some) of these internal stressors, we have been doing our best to stay calm by mediating, eating healthy, and trying our best to get ample sleep. We have also incorporating CBD oil and  CBD gummies into our routine from KindUrth, a company who makes high-quality, hemp-derived CBD, in a sustainable way, to help everyone live happier, healthier lives and do more of what they love.

This has not only been beneficial to calm the mind but this new regime has also helped to ease our sleep, alleviate pain and return it to a state of balance.

To learn more, we interviewed the team at KindUrth to better understand CBD oil, what makes them different and more on how it can help you to bring your body back to balance.

Interview with KindUrth+ More Information on CBD Oil

CBD Products from KindUrth

Weekend Jaunts: How did the idea for Kindurth come about?

KindUrth: KindUrth was started by three founders who are truly passionate about holistic health and the power of plant-based everything — Marilyn Prado-Test and her husband Jason Test along with their friend and hemp enthusiast Byron Carlisle. As experienced brand builders we saw the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and legalization of industrial hemp as a unique opportunity to fuel our passion and harness the therapeutic value of the hemp plant by serving the community in a powerful way – bringing balance and wellness to the lives of millions. The more we learned about hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) the more we realized the world needed to know and experience what we believed to be a health and wellness game changer. Each with our own personal connection to CBD, we as the founders set out to create a portfolio of premium high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products and build a brand and reputation based on quality, trust, and value.

Rooted in nature, our mission is to help people in our community live happier healthier lives and “do more of what they love”. The name KindUrth has special meaning. We started with the core value that the Earth is KIND — sustaining life, health and wellness. URTH emphasizes “U” as in “You” and “Us” in our mutuality with Earth. Our mantra is KIND Mind. KIND Body. KIND Health.

Weekend Jaunts: Tell us more about the Kindurth line.

KindUrth: We offer a full portfolio of high-quality plant-based wellness products that are derived from nature, safe and of the highest quality available. Our product formulations start with CBD from hemp that is organically grown here in the US by regulated, licensed farmers following industry best practices. Our CBD has been tested and verified by 3rd party lab testing facilities and we publish our lab reports on our website at All our products are natural, vegan, non-GMO, gluten free.

Here are some of our best sellers:

Topical: Nano-amplified CBD Cream

Kindurth Nano-amplified CBD Cream

What makes this unique? Doctor formulated. High-quality CBD blended with Rosemary, Lavender, Arnica, Vitamin E, Menthol for maximum penetration and benefit. Nano / liposomal preparation significantly enhances penetration deep below the skin layers to more effectively treat achy muscles and joints. Lightweight and non-greasy CBD formula has a smooth consistency and can provide fast relief where you need it most. Providing a metered dose with each pump, our airless pump dispenses just the right amount of cream for your specific need.  Each bottle contains 300 mg of CBD and approximately 200 to 250 pumps.

Hand-crafted CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies from KindUrth

What makes this unique?  Unlike many CBD Gummies on the market, ours are hand crafted with a special application and infusion process to ensure quality and consistency. We hear that our gummies are the best tasting CBD gummies on the market!
Each container includes 30 Gummies and features a variety of your favorite fruity flavors all in one place.  Each Gummy contains 50 mg of the highest quality hemp-derived CBD with zero THC**.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

KindUrth CBD Oil

What makes this unique?

As a “full spectrum” product, ours is derived from the whole hemp plant and is rich with high quality CBD as well as contains other naturally occurring cannabinoids.  Unlike our THC-Free Isolate Oil, this product does contain trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%); however, not nearly enough to have intoxicating effects.

Why chose Full Spectrum?

It is believed that the full spectrum of natural compounds together have a greater impact, called the “entourage effect”, when compared to CBD isolate products.

KindUrth CBD Oil Review

Weekend Jaunts: How are you different from what’s out there?

We are looking to provide an overall great experience for our customers from beginning to end.

This starts and ends with two things:

1) Quality (backed by a satisfaction guarantee) and (2) Service (rooted in our obsession with making our customers happy). Every day we challenge our ourselves to find more and better ways to serve our customers in an effort to bring more value to their daily lives and leaves them feeling like KindUrh really helped them in a meaningful way. We love hearing feedback from our customers (positive and constructive!) and are humbled and energized by the positive feedback we hear day in and day out.

CBD is like the “wild west” in terms of the variety of brands available and the varying quality, safety, consistency and transparency. Many people are skeptical, confused and just don’t know what brand to trust. With that insight in mind, we set out to build a brand founded on principles of trust and quality. As mentioned above, our product formulations start with CBD from hemp that is organically grown here in the US by regulated, licensed farmers following industry best practices. Our products contain high quality CBD which has been tested and verified by 3rd party lab testing facilities and we publish our lab reports on our website at All our products are natural, vegan, non-GMO, gluten free and our formulations are designed to provide the most therapeutic value as possible.

Kindurth CBD Oil for Moms

Weekend Jaunts: We are living in a very stressful time! How can the Kindurth products help?

Kindurth: We recognize that these unprecedented times have been incredibly challenging and stressful for everyone not just here in the US but globally as well. We recently published a blog post about “how to thrive in the new normal” as our small effort to help our community with tips and ideas on how to stay healthy and happy during these challenging times. We recognize getting through this is about staying balanced and healthy across all aspects of our lives with new routines and therapies to help us cope with the new normal.

We have a range of specially formulated CBD products that can help. Our “nano amplified” topical cream is fantastic and is specially formulated by doctors and incorporates a unique blend of ingredients such as arnica, rosemary, lavender, vitamin E and menthol. We use a nano-liposomal preparation in the development process which helps improve absorption and penetration beneath the skin layers.

Our delicious hand-crafted gummies are a huge fan favorite and we believe are the best tasting CBD gummies on the market. We have a “Night Time” gummy formulation which includes melatonin to help you fall asleep as well. We also offer a wide range of tincture oils as well as capsules.

Weekend Jaunts: Tell us more about the benefits of using CBD.

Kindurth: CBD is a one of over 100 cannabinoid (chemical compounds) found in the hemp plant and it is widely studied for its therapeutic value. What’s special about CBD is how it engages a biological system in our bodies called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for maintaining homeostasis, or balance with many important functions in human body. This responsibility may sound somewhat insignificant, but it is far more important than you might imagine when it comes to health and happiness. What is important to know is that our bodies function optimally when everything is in proper balance relative to our levels of inflammation, oxidation, body temperature or excitement, etc. By engaging and supporting our ECS system, CBD helps bring your body back in to balance.

Weekend Jaunts: Anything else to add?

Kindurth: Our philosophy is to do our best to delight customers with products and service that exceed expectations. We believe in kindness and quality above all else and will go above and beyond to support the needs of our customers and the community at large. Maintaining balance, health and wellness has never been more important and we are here to help in any way we can.

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