Spark Your Creativity and Find Calm with the Cool Craft Kits from Diamond Art Club

Diamond Art Kits for kids

We are all feeling the weight of online learning and extended time on technology. While it’s all necessary, I am looking for new things to do that don’t involve tech when we don’t have to be online.

Diamond Art Club Skull kit

We just discovered such a way to de-tech and slow day with the incredible crafting kits from Diamond Art Club.

A combo of paint-by-numbers and cross-stitching, Diamond Art Club diamond painting kits, offers a collection of canvas art templates and colorful resin rhinestones that you apply to the painting. Not just like most of the kits out there, the Diamond Art Club offers a host of benefits, not to mention the ability to work on a process as a family or solo through a process that is super rewarding and fun.

diamond art club kit

The methodical process can help anyone slow as you apply each rhinestone to the canvas with a color-coded guide that you follow throughout the process. The project also helps with focus, patience, and finding calm (for both kids and adults) as well as a super relaxing and confidence-boosting activity. It’s also a great home hobby where they can learn a new technique while also exposing kids to different pieces of art and different way to create that it’s currently taught in school.

And the results are beyond stunning, creating a dazzling, mosaic diamond artwork that sparkles, shimmers, and shine.

I loved this as an engaging family project where each family member would chip away at the kit everyday, allowing everyone to participate, find their focus, and be creative.

Great options for the holidays, the kits range from animal imagery to sparkly sunsets and seascapes and paint-by-diamond kits in motifs like abstract, cars, beach, food, flowers, fantasy, mermaid, love and so much more.

Christmas themed art kits

They also have a variety of Christmas-themed kits that the whole family can enjoy during Christmas break (and beyond). And when you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful art piece that can be displayed and enjoyed every year.

A fantastic activity for quarantine, the Diamond Art Club kits offers a great outlet for kids and adults to create, learn something new, and even slow day.

The kits are $60 and under. They are available for purchase on their website or on and select stores.


Make the most out of your weekend!

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