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On Thursday, July 17, children of all ages can experience the colors, sounds and excitement of traditional art forms from around the world at The Palace Theatre in Stamford. Artists from Symphony Space bring to life Native American, Early American and Japanese cultures through music, song and dance with a special morning performance. Read on to check out more about this exciting show:

palace global arts live in stamford

Japanese Culture: The international music and dance group Taikoza presents the legends, the music and the folk dances of Japan through the traditional percussions of Taiko drums and through the shakuhachi and the fue, (both bamboo flutes). The artists introduce various traditional Japanese instruments, teaching Japanese vocabulary related to these instruments along with the history of the ancient festivals that inspired the music. Audiences virtually travel to various areas of Japan to experience the music, the stories, and the dances that honor its culture.

giveaway Global Arts Live in Stamford

Native American Culture: Gain deeper insight into the origins of tribal ceremonies and the relationship of Native Americans to the natural world through the song, dance and stories of the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers. Audience members learn key concepts, social and cultural values, beliefs, and traditions of Native Americans to better understand how people unite through their values, practices, and traditions.

Global Arts Live in Stamford where you can experience the colors, sounds and excitement of traditional art forms from around the world.

Early American and Colonial Culture: Not much has been written about the many women who have contributed to the development of the United States over the centuries. You have to dig deep to learn about many of the unsung heroes of American History. Dressed in Colonial clothing, Linda Russell uses voice, mountain and hammered dulcimer to explore history through music.

Get tickets on or by calling the box office at 203-325-4466. The Palace Theatre is located at 61 Atlantic Street in Stamford. The event is held from 10:00am –11:00am. Tickets are $8 with general admission seating.

Giveaway: Enter to win four tickets to the Global Arts Live in Stamford. Tell us what art form are you the most excited to see in the comments section. We will randomly select one winner by July 9th, 2018.

*The winner must be 18 years of age or older and the tickets have to be picked up at the box office.


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