Easter Egg Hunting at Hilltop Hanover Farm

Hilltop Hanover Farm easter egg hunt

This past weekend the girls and I kicked-off the Easter festivities by checking out the Easter egg hunt over at Hilltop Hanover Farm. Situated on a gorgeous 180-acre farm, the girls had a blast running freely in search of the carefully-placed candy Easter eggs.

hilltop hanover farm: easter egg fun

Hilltop Hanover Farm: easter egg hunt

After the hunt and counting of their eggs, we walked around the beautiful space, taking in the sights, which included a gangle of free-range chickens and some goats. There was also an Easter bunny that the girls were not fans of but other children seemed to love as they took pictures and hugged him or her.

The best part of this whole experience was having the opportunity to learn more about the Hilltop Hanover Farm and all of their cool programs that are dedicated to the development and advancement of sustainable agriculture. Some exciting events that I can’t wait to check out are yoga at the farm, beekeeping, pasta making and more! They also have an incredible volunteer program where you can help out in their offices, the fields, their gardens and more! A new local favorite, you’ve got to check out even more about the farm here:  https://hilltophanoverfarmorg.presencehost.net/news-events/event-calendar.html

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Make the most out of your weekend!

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