Interactive Fun: Dino Days of Summer at Liberty Science Center

Dino Days of Summer at Liberty Science Center

As much as my kids might hate to admit it, I think that summer can still be a time of discovery and learning. While I’m all about making the most of their time off and having fun, I also think that they can be learn a lot, in a non-traditional sense, through play and interactive activities.

digging kids dino days of summer

digging at dino days of summer

This weekend, we had a chance to do both when we checked out the second year of Jack Horner’s Dino Dig over at the Liberty Science Center. A tribute to legendary paleontologist Jack Horner, the inspiration for the Michael Crichton novel and Steven Spielberg film Jurassic Park, the dig is designed to evoke the renowned fossil-rich Hell Creek Formation in Montana, a site of field study from Horner and his colleagues.

dino says of summer liberty science center

digging at dino dig of summer

Prior to entering the outside dig site, my kids and I attended a preview where they were given a clay brick and were instructed to dig, using some tools and a brush, to reveal replicated fossils within their brick. Team members were there to help us along the way as they explained to look for any pieces that may be peaking out and to focus on uncovering those areas. Our guide explained that this was how real paleontologists started the dig process.

Jack Horner's dino days of summer

kids digging fun dino days of summer

dino days of summer liberty science center

We then went downstairs to the outside dig area where my kids were each given a brush so that they could dig and uncover more than 50 replicated fossils, including the T. rex, a 72-inch long Triceratops, and Horner’s discovery, Maiasaura, buried in 35 tons of sand.  As they were brushing away the replicated bones, they received help and insight from LSC’s Dino Dig Guide Team as they asked them questions about what they were finding, revealing what type of dinosaur was located underneath as well as their characteristics, what they ate, and how big they were.

dino says of summer liberty science center

dino says of summer liberty science center

help at dino says of summer liberty science center

In addition to the dinosaur fieldwork that kids can get involved in, they also offer ways for kids to win big during the visit where they can participate in locating the resident stuffed dinosaur, Rex. Every week during Dino Days of Summer, the team at Liberty Science Center will hiding him in a new location and if you locate him, you’ll be entered in a raffle to win dino surprises. They also have dinosaur facts posted throughout the building and a Dino Tales story time for young learners (check the schedule when you arrive).

Open from now through September 4th (Labor Day) and weather permitting, this fun new exhibit is a great way to get kids involved in the digging process as they learn more about dinosaurs, fossils, and the extravasation process. And guess what – everyone learned something and had a blast, too!

Dino spirt is appreciated at the Dino Dig, and always! **Kids wearing dinosaur-themed clothing can save $5 on a child’s admission ticket.

Get there: Liberty Science Center, 222 Jersey City Boulevard; Jersey City, NJ 07305
Web: Liberty Science Center

WIN IT: We are so excited to partner up with Liberty Science Center to offer a family 4-pack of tickets. To enter, simply tell me what your favorite dinosaur is in the comments section. I will pick one winner, at random, on August 11th at 12am EST. Winner must reside in the US and be at least 18 years old.

**The dino spirit deal is good for up to 4 children per transaction and not valid for groups, for online purchases, or with any other discount. ​




Make the most out of your weekend!

  1. I am ashamed to say that we are almost in August and I really havent done anything with my children this summer. My two oldest children loves Science and I know that they would love this. This is not so far from me, so I don’t kwow why I didnt think of this before. this would be great just before school. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  2. This looks like such a fun activity to do with children! Kinda jealous I didn’t have this option as a kid 😛

  3. Hey, this looks like an amazing centre to educate the little ones. I don’t have kids but my brother is heading there with my nephews – great tip!

  4. This is so cute! Lovely seeing children learn stuff they don’t usually get in a classroom. Interactive learning activities sure is fun

  5. I am amazed to find this activity! Would love to be a part of it myself! I think today children are too much involved in IPads, cellphones etc but this is a much needed activity that opens up their brains, makes them think and do something creative! Loved reading this article.. .will show it to my 5 year old niece! Hope she does something similar!

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