Complexions Contemporary Ballet Announces Performances at The Joyce Theater

Complexions Contemporary Ballet Announces Performances at The Joyce Theater

Exciting new from Complexions Contemporary Ballet who will be celebrating the kick-off of the company’s 23rd season at The Joyce Theater in New York City from January 24 – February 5 with two distinctive new programs.

Under the artistic direction of Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson, the season will feature two premieres in addition to audience favorites as the company continues to lead the way with its unparalleled approach to contemporary ballet. Filled with a roster of some of the most diverse and exciting young stars, Complexions will showcase their signature style of athleticism, virtuosity and passion. The programs feature a range of techniques and musical styles, moving from classical virtuosos such as Bach and Handel to electronica and the music of rock legend, David Bowie.

Complexions Contemporary Ballet Announces Performances at The Joyce Theater

This season, Complexions will launch “The Collage Series,” an ongoing initiative created by resident choreographer Dwight Rhoden. In “The Collage Series,” Rhoden will present new dance works in a visual collage format that seeks to find the line of commonality within diverse elements. These works will juxtapose seemingly unrelated fragments to weave together an interrelated story that conveys the beauty found in contrasting depth and dimension. Rhoden considers much of the work he has created over the years to have qualities of the collage format and this series will further explore his passion for finding the interconnection among disparate elements through dance. The first work presented as part of “The Collage Series” is “Gutter Glitter,” a work that is simultaneously edgy and soft, set to electronica that finds the spark of rare beauty and inspiration in unexpected places. “Gutter Glitter” is symbolic of a dynamic rise from the bottom, illuminating the struggle of rediscovering the light after being in darkness.

Complexions Contemporary Ballet Announces Performances at The Joyce Theater

Complexions Contemporary Ballet Announces Performances at The Joyce Theater

The Joyce Theater program will also include the New York City premiere of “Star Dust,” the first installment of a full evening length ballet tribute to the genre-bending innovation of one of the most prolific rock stars of all time, David Bowie. This ballet takes an array of Bowie’s hits and lays a visual imprint inspired by his unique persona and restless artistic invention, resulting in a rock opera production in his honor.

During the run, Thursday, January 26 will be dedicated to Complexions’ annual fundraising gala. Proceeds from this gala benefit performance will continue to help build Complexions’ educational initiatives through scholarships, mentorship programs and the continued development of Rhoden’s and Richardson’s methodology of dance training. The evening’s performances will be hosted by film, stage and television star Vanessa Williams. In addition to the company work, “Star Dust,” there will be a performance by the students of Complexions’ pre-professional program, and guest performances by Complexions Co-Founder Desmond Richardson, Complexions alumni Clifford Williams, Israeli dancer and choreographer Ido Tadmore, Natiya Kezevadze, among others.

Complexions Contemporary Ballet Ticket Info:

The Joyce Theater
175 Eighth Avenue (at the corner of 19th Street)
Tickets range from $10 to $66 and can be purchased online at JOYCE Ticketing.
Tickets can be purchased by phone at 212-242-0800.

For more info, please visit:


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