Art, Artists & You Exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Art, Artists & You Exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

We are so excited about Art, Artists & You,” a new exhibition at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM). Part interactive art studio, part art exhibition, the experience is designed to encourage children and their families to explore self-expression and identity through art-making. Families can create stop motion animation, craft a model of a favorite pet, or collaborate on a massive wall hanging.

Art, Artists & You at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Art, Artists & You at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

In this interactive exhibit, kids will enjoy building paper-pulp sculptures, three-dimensional cardboard models, or found-object forts. As part of their exploration of fiber arts, they can try their hand at crocheting, weaving, knitting, beading, and stuffed-animal or soft-sculpture crafting. Families interested in making art with technology will have access to green screen video filming, makey-makey invention kits, three-dimensional printer pens, and more.

Art, Artists & You at CMOM

Art, Artists & You Exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

“Art, Artists & You” also features four artists-in-residence selected on the basis of their work with specific materials: Sara Jimenez (found objects), Deborah Morris (fiber), Ezra Wube (technology/new media), and Yeon Ji Yoo (paper). Working in their medium of choice at home-away-from-home studios in the Museum, each artist will use these familiar materials to examine their world and create art. A curated selection of their works will also be featured in the exhibit.

The artists, whose hours will vary, will demonstrate different practices and processes, and they will embolden children and adults alike to express their own ideas through art-making. Families will be able to experiment with various materials and methods in spaces adjacent to the artists’ studios. Artists-in-residence will change in September.

Works from contemporary artists Leo Castaneda, Delano Dunn, Tai Hwa Goh, Amir Hariri, Amber Heaton, Robert Hernandez, Juan Hinojosa, Firoz Mahmud, Natalia Nakazawa, Lina Puerta, daaPo Reo, Annesofie Sandal, Nyugen Smith, Adrienne Elise Tarver, Victoria Udondian, and Jennifer Williams will also be on display. 

“Art, Artists & You” is scheduled to run through December 31, 2018. CMOM is located at The Tisch Building, 212 West 83rd Street in NYC.


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