Stocking Stuffer Idea: Cool Tiny Retro Toys

Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Tiny Retro Toys

Sure the big ticket presents are what your kids are obsessing over, but the stocking stuffers are always a favorite that can be just as meaningful. One really cute (like really cute) stocking stuffer to fill in your kids stockings is the collection of retro toys from Super Impulse called the World’s Smallest Toys.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Tiny Retro Toys

Designed after classic toys like the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone, Etch A Sketch,  Rubik’s Cube, and more–all in small form. What we loved was that these toys weren’t just for looking at, they have the same working functions as they originals! Though most kids didn’t grow up with these toys, we love how you can share a relic of the past with them as a new way for them to experience toys from the past.

We had a chance to check out a few of their offerings including the awesome iconic Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone. This adorable, classic pull toy has the same friendly face, movable eyes, a bell and classic red receiver just like the original. We also played with the Little Green Army Men, Duncan Yo-Yo, and Pound Puppies–all of which are $9.99 or less.

Fun and affordable stocking stuffers for the holidays, you and your kids are sure to get a kick out of these retro favorites.

We were provided with samples for review.


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