Fun Show for Kids: Junie B’s Essential Survival Guide to School and City Strolls

NYC street art

Last weekend the kids and I headed to the city for a mini adventure to see Junie B’s Essential Survival Guide to School. We haven’t been spending that much time in the city with the craziness of life, so I was definitely excited to be able to spend a lazy Sunday with them in NYC.

Junie B' Jones

 Junie B's Essential Survival Guide to School

Fun Show for Kids: Junie B’s Essential Survival Guide to School

Organized by Theatreworks, the show was a part of the FREE theatre series that has been enabling 12,000 kids to see theatre in NYC every summer. How amazing is that?!

The show was a spin-off of the popular book, Junie B.’s Essential Survival Guide that charts Junie’s B’s idea of creating a guide for kids who are entering elementary school. Along with her crew of friends, they all have their particular interests that they share in the comprehensive guide.

Having seen many kids’ shows in the past, this production had a similar light and jovial tone that connects the audience to specific feelings and issues that kids may face. I particularly enjoyed the reference of how Junie B’s feelings are like a bull (aptly named El Toro Fabuloso) that makes act before she thinks. I instantly looked at my girls during those references, which were pretty spot on. I also really enjoyed the music and choreography that were incredibly put together in the most simple space. From the giant notebook that turned into a classroom to the bus to Junie’s home, the space was utilized perfectly to create Junie B’s world. This was also a huge feat for the cast who worked incredibly through the fun (and lively!) score while also transitioning with ease to become a new character. My kids loved that part as well as they spotted the changes and watched in awe as they went backstage and quickly changed back!

Free highline New York City

Free Fun on the Highline

After the show we walked around the West Village. I realized we were close to The Highline, so we decided to head over for a mini walk. Even though we now have access to so much nature, there’s something about the combination of nature and the city that I can’t get enough of! Plus, going for a walk on the Highline was another way to enjoy NYC for free.

The Highline NYC trees

highline NYC flowers

After a quick snack, we started our walk on the 14th street entrance – soaking in the plants and flowers that were coming out of the old train tracks. Being that it was still early (for a Sunday), the Highline was relevantly empty as my middle daughter climbed and explored around the space.

highline cars

highline baby

There is also so much cool art to check out on The Highline, including a sleepwalking man that was looked so real. The kids were pretty freaked out by it, so we didn’t hang around it that much.

Grand central NYC

A fun day in the city, I love that there are so many free things to check out with the kids.

Check out more cool programs and events at The Highline.

Please consider donating to the free theater program to enable more kids to see theater!

I was invited to this event on behalf of the Mommy Nearest team. Check out their free app on iOS and Android).


Make the most out of your weekend!

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