Monster Dance: A New Children’s Book That Helps Kids Cope with Coronavirus

We are all still figuring out life during coronavirus. This is a particularly weird/strange/scary time for kids who have also had to adjust to life with a new normal of homeschooling and limited activities.

Monster Dance new book for kids dealing with COVID-19

The new book, Monster Dance (currently on Kickstarter), published by Madeleine Editions and written by the company’s founder, Eva Lou and illustrated by Guy Gilchrist, Jim Henson’s cartoonist behind The Muppets, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Pink Panther, that aims to help children deal and learn how to cope with their coronavirus fears as well as to empower and comfort them during this challenging time.

Monster Dance new book for kids dealing with COVID-19

Designed for kids ages 3~6, the book was a doctor’s initiative by Dr. Karen Tsai, a Los Angeles based physician and co-founder of, a non-profit organization that procures personal protective equipment to medical professionals working on the frontlines.

Dr. Tsai then enlisted Gilchrist who knew he wanted to help by doing what he does best: making people smile. He also wanted to create a timeless book: one that would resonate with children today and for years to come. So the duo teamed up with Madeleine Editions’ Eva Lou.

Monster Dance new book for kids dealing with COVID-19

In the book, Monster Dance follows an endearingly melodramatic dog, Maurice, and Charlie, an artistic little girl, in a world that’s suddenly gone topsy-turvy. While Maurice voices his greatest fears, Charlie teaches him practical ways to help fight the virus (the “Monster”), illuminating that patience and caution are not fear, but courage. Monster Dance is intended not only to inform children 6 and under, but to comfort and empower them. In the end we’re left with the lasting and hopeful message that living with a virus – or any sickness – isn’t just “waiting it out.” Together Maurice and Charlie can make every day count and do what they do best — grow with joy.

The multimedia ebook, out fall, 2020 on Apple Books, Google Play and iOs App stores, merges read aloud narration, lightly animated illustration and music — a format signature to Madeleine Editions books. It is scored with “La Valse,” by the great impressionist composer, Maurice Ravel.

Additionally, for every book sold, three masks will be donated to medical workers. Books will also be donated to children’s hospitals around the U.S. and UK. 

The hard copy book, sold exclusively via Kickstarter, also includes the quality audio.
Monster Dance. The book will benefit, a non-profit that procures personal protective equipment for healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.



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