Summer Reads for Kids to Get on Your Radar

We have been living in a teched out world these past few months. With schooling moved online and parents working from home, computer use has drastically increased for better and worse. One of our favorite alternatives to screen time is reading. And this summer, there are tons of new books for kids to choose from to keep your kiddos engaged and actively learning. Below, we are sharing some reads for kids for summer and beyond!

Summer Reads for Kids to Get on Your Radar

Mountain and the Goat review

We have been loving the modern fable, The Mountain and the Goat about the path that follows a goat to the making of a house. Designed for kids ages five-to-eight years old, the journey is clear but also impactful as kids learn about creativity, curiosity, confidence, trust, and kindness. It’s also a fantastic resource for a young reader as they can follow along with this one-sentence text.

Summer Reads for Kids to Get on Your Radar Little Miss History

Little Miss History Series: Adventure awaits in the educational and fun Little Miss History Series. Written by Barbara Ann Mojica, this series follows Valatie aka Little Miss History whose passion for history takes readers on a journey throughout America. As a historian, author and former educator, Mojica gives kids a fun virtual tours of iconic and treasured American places, sharing fun facts, creating a fun-filled adventure for young readers. Not only are the stories compelling, but the illustrations mixed with real photos keep readers intrigued. The series includes 13 books where kids can learn more about Tombstone Arizona, Mount Vernon, the North Pole and our personal favorites Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum and La Brea Tar Bits. Every book is filled with history, allowing kids to see how leaders came to be and how some of their favorite places started. Super exciting, engaging and educational, you and your kids will be filled with wonder as you travel along with the adventurous Little Miss History.

Ocean Secrets of the Deep books for kids

Ocean Secrets of the Deep: Take an underwater adventure with your kids as you learn more about ocean creatures, habitats and conservation in the fascinating Ocean Secrets of the Deep. Throughout this comprehensive book written by Sabrina Weiss and illustrated by Giulia De Amicis, kids can learn more about sharks, dolphins, clownfish, coral reefs penguins, turtles, whales, shimmering jellyfish, giant squid, and so more! With an incredible amount of information, the book is not just a one-off bedtime story but something you and your kids can constantly refer back to. The book is also filled with stylish illustrations and infographics that will leave the reader engaged and excited to learn more. as well as inspiring ways you can care for our oceans. The book is designed for kids 7 – 11 years old.

Find Me Books books for kids

Find Me Books:  An engaging book series that will sharpen your kids vision and mind, the Find Me books by artist Agnese Baruzzi use critical thinking skills in a modern seek and find format. Throughout the beautifully illustrated pages, kids are invited to look for characters, spot specific emotions, animals, similarities and more. This includes two books where kids will have to search high and low for over 100 objects and animals that are hidden in the deeps of the ocean and in the forest. Fun, engaging and interactive for kids of all ages.

Yoga Animals: A Wild Introduction to Kid-Friendly Poses books for kids

Yoga Animals: A Wild Introduction to Kid-Friendly Poses: Channel your inner yogi with in this fun pose-by-pose picture book that features animal-inspired stretches and movements. Developed by National Geographic Kids Books and popular yoga instructor Tara Stiles, the interactive book features yoga poses that are paired with animals who are doing the same moves. This includes poses that will encourage kids to reach like a giraffe, curl up like a cat, or bounce like a bunny, to name a few poses. The book also features rhyming text and stunning photos of animals in their natural habitats to encourage kids to stretch, practice mindful movements, and unleash their inner animals.

Wickity Stitch summer reads for kids

Wickity Stitch Books: Follow along as the young witch and cat duo Wickity Stitch and Tibbits learn more about different holidays, even though their favorite holiday is Halloween. Written by Elle L. Stones, this engaging series will captivate kids as they follow along with Wickity Stitch on her sweet adventures as she experiences Thanksgiving, Christmas, Beach Days, Birthdays, and, of course, her favorite holiday: Halloween.

Summer Reads for Kids to Get on Your Radar the wall

The Wall: A Timeless Tale: In the poignant children’s book The Wall: A Timeless Tale written by Italian authors Giancarlo Macrì and Carolina Zanotti and illustrators Mauro Sacco and Elisa Vallarino, readers will learn what happens when a King-like figure wants to build a wall to separate the kingdom and send away the people who are different.

Using colorful and simple illustrations, the book makes this challenging concept a little easier for young ones to digest while also addressing the importance of a diverse and thriving society and how people in power can make mistakes as well as an interactive way to explain borders with a pop-up wall in the spine of the book, which appears and disappears as the story unfolds. Personally, I love how the book raises questions and awareness of these issues in a book that is lively, fun, and educational.

The Social Distance King Books for Kids

The Social Distance King: Children’s book author, Eric DeSio recently offered this book  for free to offer kids and parents a fun and educational learning resource. The Social Distance King sensitively introduces the topic of social distancing to kids. A great way to entertain children and also expose them to what social distancing might mean to them.

books for kids

PJ Library: Another free resource, PJ Library sends books to more than 225,000 children across North America each month, continues to offer quarantined families a rich and varied menu of on and offline activities – from hours of scheduled virtual events like “Read Aloud” and “Craft Along” sessions, virtual field trips and much more. This includes engaging books for kids from age 0-12 years old. They also have “Resources for Quarantined Families” that offers engaging suggestions for together time as well PJ Library Listen where you can enjoy all things audio, including read-alouds, dance party music, and podcasts, including “Have I Got a Story for You!,” storytelling games to play with kids, printable games, recipes, and ideas for unplugged time.

We received some samples for review, but only highlight the books we love.

Make the most out of your weekend!

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