Discover the World in The Book of Cultures

Discover the World in The Book of Cultures

With the insane amount technology used these past few weeks, we are all about finding a new book to escape in with our kids. Enter The Book of Cultures, a new picture book with 30 fictional stories that introduces children to the wonders of the world and encourages them to embrace diverse realities and perspectives.

Currently available on Kickstarter, this 120-page book follows the character of “buddy” who goes to different countries and explores unique aspects of its culture. This focuses on promoting the exploration of the world and the importance of making buddies from all over the earth. The stories are accompanied by two-page snapshots of every culture with activities such as puzzles, songs and recipes that make learning engaging and interactive while kids also learn to develop compassion and empathy for other cultures.


Book of Cultures book review


The book is geared towards children ages 3 and up and is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter until April 19th. They will be donating 100 books to help bridge the learning loss from COVID-19 to children that need it the most.

Additionally, they also launched free activity kits inspired by the book (every activity focuses on a different “buddy” and culture) for families. Sign up by checking out the activity kits here.


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