#MasksUpCovidDown Campaign and New Song for 2020

masks up, Covid down

COVID is still going strong, which will likely peak over the holidays.

To promote the wearing of masks, Masks For America recently launched #MasksUpCovidDown, a campaign harnessing the power of music, art and community to flatten the curve by the holidays!

The original concept was developed in New Orleans by Dr. Markalain Déry, a member of our Medical Advisory Board: How We Can Control Covid-19 In 28 Days.Now, with over 11 million cases of COVID-19 nationwide, 246,000 of our fellow Americans dead, cases rising in 45+ states and record hospitalizations across the Midwest, it’s clear this needs to be a nationwide movement.

And we are excited that the song, ‘Put Your Mask On’ by Mil’s Trills and Uncle Jumbo was just named the official anthem for their nationwide campaign.

  • You can stream it on Spotify

  • Watch the #MasksUpCovidDown video (with the lyrics!) on YouTube

  • ACTIVITY: Team up with your class, family, or community group to make a “Put Your Mask On” dance or lip sync video! Send it to us or tag us on social media and we’ll share it! Contact info below.

What you can do?

Mask Up for 28 Days

Masks For America is now calling on every classroom, family, workplace + community group to take the 28-Day Challenge!

With the pledge, you plan to kick coronavirus fatigue to the curb and follow best practices for 28 days, to protect my loved ones and my community:

  • Mask Up!
  • Wash Hands
  • Social Distance
  • Avoid Indoor, In-Person Gatherings
  • Quarantine If I Have Any Symptoms Or Am Exposed To Someone Who Tests Positive

Sign up today


Make the most out of your weekend!

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