Interview with Laura Prepon on Her New Book, You and I, As Mothers 

Interview with Laura Prepon on Her New Book, You and I, As Mothers 

One of the unexpected positive aspects of this extended time at home has been all of the online classes and zoom meetings that we now have access too (check out the recap of our picks for April). Last night, that involved a group interview, hosted by The Moms, with the down-to-earth actress, director, and writer, Laura Prepon.

Laura is also a mom of two, including the mom to a newborn, who is currently quarantining with her family, while also hosting virtual book tours.

During the interview, Laura shared more about her raw new book, You and I, As Mothers as well as how she managing life in quarantine, her career and tackling complicated topics in her book.

Read on to check out some gems from Laura from this wonderful interview:

Interview with Laura Prepon on Her New Book, You and I, As Mothers 


On what inspired her to write the book and share so many personal things:

“I felt like there’s all these books about pregnancy, but there wasn’t a book for us.” She added, I couldn’t find a resource to turn to. When I started to talk to mothers, I realized we are all struggling with a lot of the same things–from stress, loss of control, mom guilt, self care–there were so many things were common. And I knew I needed to write a book on it.”

On quarantining and the time we are living in:

“We had already planned on isolating and hunkering down as a family with the growth of my baby. Because I was in that mindset, it soften it and made it less crazy.”

“But it is insane. Staying informed also causes stress and anxiety. We try to find levity and laugh whenever we can. And have some lightness, because if not it is just so much doom.” She added, “my husband makes me laugh a lot.”

On having low moments as a mom:

“I had so much postpartum anxiety as a new mom. I was a complete stress case. Because I had gone through all that and realized that there are ways I can get a handle on it, I knew what to expect and I knew what support I needed. That made a big change for me. My hormones with my son are very different.”

Most memorable part of her book:

“Because I have a complicated relationship with my mother. So many of us can relate. We all came from a mother figure; we all came from that individual. An we all have a relationship or not, which affects us.”

She added, “Looking at how you were mothered affects the communication that you are putting out there into the world and how it informs us as people. It empowered myself – there is amazing things and there’s a lot of dysfunction. I get to choice what I pass down to my kids.”

On downtime with acting:

“Choose something that you want to work on and try to master it. Try to take this time to be creative so when everything is back you can be ready. I always like to be sharping different tools. I love do a masterclass; take this time to be creative and make a part of your wheelhouse.”

On what medium she loves best:

“They all use different parts of my personalities. With directing I’m like a fish in a water. When I first directed, I loved it so much. I will always act but I love them all so much.”



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