Get to Know More about Critts: An Innovative Adventure Shoe Created by a Kid

Critts interview

This summer it’s been all about making the best of what we have. We might not have camp to go to or playdates but there’s still been plenty of ways to enjoy summer with frequent hikes, visits to the pool, and some awesome day trips. One aspect of our mini travels and adventures is all about wearing comfortable clothing and shoes, including the innovative new shoe brand, Critts.

Get to know more about Critts

Developed by Carter Waugh, a 10-year-old boy who came up with Critts when he was just eight years old in response to wearing uncomfortable shoes like clogs that gave him blisters and flip flops that constantly slipped off.

Get to know more about Critts

Dubbed as “an adventure shoe,” Critts is the ultimate hybrid shoe that offers comfort and promotes adventurability aka shoes that make it easy to run, jump, and climb. I’ve been loving the red heart-shaped Critts with its comfy foam-based memory foam insole (made from sugar cane), Vibram outsoles, and a toe bar. They are great for days at the pool, beach, or when I’m running errands. The line is also customizable, offering over 200 critter and color combinations so you can create something that’s personal for you and your kids. To learn more, we chatted with Carter and his team about the line and what’s next for this innovative shoe brand.

Get to Know More Critts

Weekend Jaunts: How did the idea of Critts come about?

Critts: During a summer vacation when I was eight, I found that my regular flip flops would break and slip off my feet. I also tried using my clogs, but they gave me blisters and little to no support. When I got back home I told my dad about an idea – that I wanted to create an adventure shoe that is the best of both worlds. And that’s how Critts was born!

Get to know more about Critts

Weekend Jaunts: How are Critts different from what’s out there?

Critts: They combine two different kinds of shoes, flip-flops with clogs, to offer the best of both worlds. This makes them breathable but still grippy with the Vibram outsoles and toe bar – and they’re comfortable thanks to the sweet foam-based memory foam insole (made from sugar cane). Best of all, they’re customizable with over 200 critter and color combinations!

Get to know more about Critts

Weekend Jaunts: Why does having shoes that are made for adventurability mean to you?

Critts: Adventurability means being able to run, jump, and climb with them!

Weekend Jaunts: Creating shoes as a kid is super cool but also uncommon – what drew you to pursing this?

Critts: I had an idea and I took it to my Dad. He thought it was a good idea but wanted to know more. He had me write a business plan and I guess he was impressed because we started Critts! My dad has always told me anything is possible and now, I have to believe him because I am selling thousands of pairs of shoes.

Get to know more about Critts

Weekend Jaunts: What’s next for Critts?

Critts: Well, we just finished a successful kickstarter campaign and will be making those orders. All custom made Flip Critts, which is really cool. We are talking to lots of retailers and doing PR and just trying to get the word out. starting next year we will be carrying inventory and selling online.

I hope my shoes will be available everywhere. I have a program I started called Critts Cares. $2 from each sale of a pair of Flip Critts will be donated to artful learning programs, like music, dance and art. I want to donate millions of dollars all around the world someday!


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