Day Trippin’: Escape to Elephant Butte Lake


Elephant Butte Lake State Park road trip

As I mentioned, day trips around New Mexico have been an incredible way to check out the area while also enjoying some time out of the city of Albuquerque. One such jaunt involved a two-hour car ride to the beautiful Elephant Butte Lake State Park. While there was a chorus of Are We There Yet?, the car ride was dare-I-say peaceful as I soaked in the vibrancy of New Mexico and it’s stunning landscape. The mountains, the greenery, the animals- it was all so amazing to see such beautiful aspects of nature that I have never experienced before. While the kids didn’t quite get the magic, I hope that part of these pictures will enable them to one day understand the wonder of the Southwest and how truly different it is from where we live.


Elephant Butte Lake State Park

We took this venture for a day of swimming, but there is so much more to do at this state park, including boating, fishing, kayaking, camping and more. After a small fee ($5 per car), we entered into the sandy Elephant Butte area where you can drive very close to the shoreline. Since was so hot I really appreciated this as a way to be nearby our car when we needed to go, or should we need anything we would have access to it. We set up an area with blankets and food as the kids ran right into the water.

Elephant Butte Lake State Park

Elephant Butte Lake State Park

The water itself warm and the sandy was very smooth, making it easy for them to walk around and play. There wasn’t that many people around us- a few dogs and campers in the background where it felt like our own private beach in this majestic wonderland. The older kids quickly went to play Marco Polo where my toddler went to dig up mud and play with rocks.

Elephant Butte Lake State Park

Elephant Butte Lake State Park

It was so incredibly peaceful and calming, and a far cry from the crowded beached in New York City. It was also great that the park has picnic beaches, bathrooms (port-a-potties and regular ones), playgrounds and electric outlets for RVs.

Sumthins Ice Cream and Sandwich Shop

After a full day of swimming, the kids were ready for some ice cream (which is pretty much everyday anyway) where we discovered Sumthins Ice Cream and Sandwich Shop in Truth or Consequences. Funny enough, we meet two New Yorkers in the ice cream who now call New Mexico home.

After a full day of swimming and ice cream eating, we made our way back to Albuquerque excited to have discovered an incredible lake that we can’t wait to revisit one day.

Elephant Butte State Park
101 Hwy 195
Elephant Butte, NM 87935
For more info, please visit:


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