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Learning about new countries and far away places is so exciting for kids. While they are learning a ton about the world from school, I love to find ways to enhance this and broaden their perspective at home. Enter The Adventurous Mailbox, a company that creates really cool and engaging educational kits focused on travel and adventure that comes delivered right to your door, complete with foreign stamps and personalized postmarks.

My girls received the Deluxe Explorer Package, which was packed with eight adventure books, a folder with a digital coding manual, and a secret code so that my kids could go online and access to Crameye’s World to keep exploring the world. They especially loved a postcard from Taiwan that was included in their kit that introduced them to the world of adventure that they were about to experience.

coding with the Adventurous Mailbox


The first step was to read the books, which is written through the perspective of a 12-year-old Crameye Junker, that is designed to introduce kids to new a country, language, mythology, history, geography, and more. My kids loved following along with the series as they learned more about countries like Greece, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, and more! Designed 4-5th grades, the books were super engaging and beautifully illustrated, which made it fun and easy to learn more about different countries.

After my kids read the books, they went online and clicked on the country of the books that they just read where they will found a manual and files to create a project. This includes cool adventure-themed projects, guided by character named Neva, who helped them create; while also teaching them how to use scratch coding, in partnership with CodeSpeak Labs, in an engaging and approachable voice. This includes projects like racing dragon boats in Taipei, chasing a mythical being around Rio, animating a snowmobile under a changing Northern Lights sky, to name a few fun projects.

Another fun part of the package is the continuation of learning and exploring via Crameye’s World online where kids can find secret writing missions, fun blogs, jokes, forums for kids around the world, games and much more!

Additionally, parents are given access to their Teacher’s Lounge, where they will find 100s of lessons based on their adventure books, which cover reading comprehension, writing, critical thinking, and country-specific concepts.

The Adventure Mailbox is now going green and offering a special promo on their printed material at clearance rates at 30-60% off. While they hope to offer printed kids in the future, the digital kids will now include everything that comes in the printed kids, eight enhanced e-books, coding manual and original artwork and necessary files, access to 100s of lessons in their Teacher’s Lounge, and a lifetime membership to Crameye’s World.

An intriguing and cool way to introduce kids to culture, coding and critical thinking, The Adventurous Mailbox sparked a sense of adventure in my kids that they have continued to enjoy and revisit through the books, coding lessons and online content.

We were provided a kit for review. All opinions, as always, are our own.

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