How to Make a Hook From Old Toys

How to Make a Hook From Old Toys

When you have kids there seems to be a mess everywhere, which generally acclimates on the floor. It comes with the territory where the second you pick something up something else seems to replace it. What’s up with that!? To help you out (a little), we are excited to share a cool DIY idea from Sugru, a company that makes moldable glue. With this project, you can turn your kids’ old toys into a hook without having to spend much money! Simply pick up your kids’ old toys (or better yet, have them do that) and stick on the sugru for a new (and cool!) hook. Awesome, right! Check out more about how to create this today.

How to Make a Hook From Old Toys

 Here’s what you need:

      1 x 3 pack of Sugru ($12.00 from

      Some old toys-we are sure you got that covered!

 Here’s how to do it:

      Step 1 – Roll one single-use pack of Sugru into two balls and press them firmly onto your object. Then mould them into pyramid shapes with your fingers.

      Step 2 – Press firmly onto the door so Sugru pushes out the sides. Then gently rub the edges to make it nice and smooth.

      Step 3 – Use masking tape to hold the toy in place and leave it to set.

In 24 hours, your kids won’t be able to resist hanging their clothes on their awesome new hooks. Hooray!


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