Get to Know More about Playprint: Inspiring Creative Play, Imagination, and Tech-Free Fun

Get to Know More about the Playprint aka Tech-Free Toy We All Need Right Now

From virtual school to gaming to playing on phones, kids have access to so much technology that many know how to navigate systems even before they get to Elementary School. And we get it: tech has it’s place and is amazing for so many things but it can also have the opposite effect for some where kids can turn into robots, wanting more and more screen time.

Get to Know More about the Playprint aka Tech-Free Toy We All Need Right Now

Enter Playprint, a brand born out of the pandemic where its founders saw the “need for a simple solution to keep kids entertained without constant idea prompting from adults.” And how it works is simple: Playprint includes a stack of cards that prompts kids (and adults) to create their own activity by picking three cards from three different categories (descriptor, under the sea, and activity). The beautifully designed mix-and-match cards provide 100s of different activity ideas and combinations to encourage kids to play creatively, independently, or with a friend using their imaginations.

Perfect for road trips, lazy days of summer, or when your kids need a tech-break, Playprint is the portable imagination boost we all need right now!

Interview with Lindsay Russell, Founder, Playprint

Get to Know More about the Playprint aka Tech-Free Toy We All Need Right Now

Weekend Jaunts: How did the idea of Playprint come about? And why was this important to you?

Lindsay Russell: Playprint was born out of the unfortunate circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic. With so many families stuck at home and parents struggling to come up with ideas to engage their children, we saw a need for a simple solution for keeping kids entertained without constant idea prompting from adults. Playprint is the ultimate blueprint for play: a game to spark young imaginations and encourage creative play.

Playprint was founded by a mother and two daughters, the ultimate female and family-owned trio, who wanted to bring their love of creativity to families across the country. Our goal for Playprint is to inspire a future generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers.

Get to Know More about the Playprint aka Tech-Free Toy We All Need Right Now

Weekend Jaunts: Why do you think play is so important for kids — especially during COVID?

Lindsay Russell: Research has shown time and time again that play is essential in children’s cognitive and social development, and we wanted to support both kids and families in creating meaningful and memorable playtime experiences. Now more than ever kids are spending time in structured activities, yet play remains an essential part of children’s learning and development.

We designed Playprint as a way to encourage children to get back to the basics of creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and imaginative play. Many parents are looking for tools to shape their children into creative thinkers and problem solvers, and Playprint is a great way to meet this need.

Weekend Jaunts: How does the deck work?

Lindsay Russell: The game uses a set of visual mix-and-match cards that generate hundreds of unique activity prompts. Kids draw three cards from the deck – one descriptor card, one theme card and one activity card – which together make a fun play prompt. Watch as kids design a fancy outer space costume, craft a silly animal collage or create a magical dinosaur hunt that the whole family can enjoy.

Weekend Jaunts: Where can people find Playprint?

Lindsay Russell: They can purchase it on our site or Etsy. Happy for you to share either one based on what you think your audience would be more interested in. 

Weekend Jaunts: What’s next for you and Playprint?

Lindsay Russell: With school out for the summer, we’re excited to share Playprint with more and more families as a way to keep kids engaged and entertained while they’re out of school. We think it’s the perfect way to inspire some fun, summertime play.

We were given sample for review. All opinions, as always, are our own.


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