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edo cardboard kit

Life has been crazy busy. As a mom of three, I’m starting to realize that this is the new normal, which is extremely challenging since I really try to be ‘on’ for my girls. But the reality is there’s so much going on that I often can’t handle it. Having a backyard has been an awesome refuge so they can play on their own, and of course there is TV, but I hate for them to watch too much all the time. Another cool solution I just discovered is Edo, innovative cardboard building blocks where kids (and adults!) can use their imagination to create and make animals, cars, castles and really whatever you want!

edo construction

This proved to be incredible experience for my eight-year-old who quickly got to work contstructing and building her Edo blocks. She followed the enclosed directions, as she started to construct and build. At first, she had some challenges folding the cardboard boxes, but we watched this video and I showed her more of how they come together, she was good to go. After about an hour, she showed me her creature, which she dubbed “Mrs. Madness” that was complete with the attached stickers and decorated with a Sharpie to complete the outfit.

edo creation

edo building magic

I loved seeing her little creature come to life, and also how sturdy and well-structured the Edo blocks were. We had tons of cardboard pieces left where she was really excited to create more Edo creatures and characters, which could include dinosaurs, animals, castles –whatever!

edo blocks

Created by Simon Marussi, who after watching his son, Edoardo, play and thought to himself “wouldn’t it be great if there were giant blocks to create hours of fun”? Thus Edo was born. Edo are 100% recyclable cardboard building blocks that kids can use to build just about anything. They are colorable, sprayable and can be transformed into any shape imaginable. With optional accessories, blocks can be used to create animals, castles and so much more.

Edo bricks are available in three sizes and five options, giving an ample range of structural combinations for any project or creation that comes to mind. Blocks come in Havana (sand color) and White. They are also eco-friendly as the blocks are made of recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable. The colors are non-toxic and the cardboard is FSC certified, making them great for kids of all ages where you won’t have to stress about any chemicals.

With a mission of  focusing on kids to create: “A fort, a supercar you can really sit in, a monstrous tyrannosaurus: anything can come to life with Edo. It’s one simple idea that can be millions of things,” we love how Edo allows children to build, color and paint any way their imagination takes them.

Edo launched today and is available exclusively on their Kickstarter page, Edo – the giant cardboard bricks for building anything.

I was given a sample for review.


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