Afterschool Magic

playing in nature

So there’s usually nothing magical about afterschool hours a.k.a the pre-witching hours. At least not in these neck of the woods. It generally means the time where I have to catch up on some work where all I want is the kids to play together. I’m thinking a mini collective kumbaya circle. But this time  ends up usually turns into fighting and requests for food, wrangling to do homework, requests for TV or YouTube watching those toy videos, and really anything else but just playing.

playing in dirt backyard

When we moved up here, seeing the backyard was a small salvation to our frantic lives. This tiny respite of greenery was a way for the kids to have their freedom. I saw it as a way for them run, play, laugh, and even scream to their hearts content without having to shuffle to the park all the time. The girls do adore the backyard as I reveal at how amazing it is for them to have this freedom.

toddler scooting

sisters playing scooters

The other day the kids did just that where they laughed, played in the dirt, scooted and ran around for hours. It was magical. Not just for me to have those extra minutes, but also for them. Hopefully, overtime they’ll be able to see the beauty of what it means to have a backyard and soon realize how magical it really is.

playing chalk sisters

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