Fun and Interactive Experience at The Edge VR

The Edge VR

Looking for a new place to explore with your kiddos? Then you’ve got to check out The Edge VR, a fully interactive and immersive multi-player VR gaming experience for kids (ages 10 and up) and adults! Through this unique experience, we became a part of the world of their curated game, The Edge of Space — all while being able to move freely to different levels, fighting robots, going up elevators, and even going into a virtual spaceship.

The Edge VR

This started by filling out some simple forms where my daughters then got suited up with various VR accessories, including a helmet, a glove and ankle attachment and a light backpack. These lightweight accessories used magnetic calibration with a high-speed wireless display to create a highly immersive virtual experience with some really awesome graphics for the viewer. This innovative technology allows VR to be experienced on another level that you likely haven’t tried before.

The Edge VR

Once they were suited up, the girls were guided by Adam Anfiteatro’s voice, CEO of the The Edge VR, to different levels in the game. This was really helpful as they found themselves fighting robots, balancing on laser beams and even moving things around in this interactive experience. They also learned different hand motions to signal and pick various weapons for the game and pick their own avatar where they suited up and became a fighter. All of the girls got a handle of how it works pretty quickly as they tapped their chest and swiped to change throughout the game.

The Edge VR

As a fully immersive experience, they couldn’t hear or see me — even though I was standing right next to them and watching as they meandering into each part of the game.

Being in the game is also a great socially-distanced activity as they currently only allow three people per experience — with an expansion of six people in the near future, which will be great for mid-sized groups and parties.

Once they were “back” from the game, we received a coin that was accessible via my phone where they could dance with their avatars. This coin can be activated anywhere where they are able to dance and move with their creations whenever they like.

A perfect winter activity, you’ll be amazed by the immersion of The Edge VR that’s fun, interactive, and different. To learn even more about the technology, check out our interview with Adam Anfiteatro below:

Fun and Interactive Experience at The Edge VR + Interview

Fun and Interactive Experience at The Edge VR + Interview

Weekend Jaunts: How did the idea come about for The Edge VR?

Adam Anfiteatro: The idea was sparked by the desire to have a socially engaging, hyper realistic experience. A fun shared experience can be one of the most memorable moments for a child or parent. We invite you to come and experience this for yourself!

Weekend Jaunts: How are you different from what’s out there?

Adam Anfiteatro: We strive to distinguish this experience from the typical VR arcade game, home console game or ride. Some people have only tried those options and it’s not the same at all. The Edge VR is different because our proprietary magnetically tracked system provides our users with a true sense of presence in the virtual world. You can interact with objects and other Voyagers – there is nothing like it.

Weekend Jaunts: Tell us more about your extended room and any future plans.

Adam Anfiteatro: Our second room will allow us to run two experiences simultaneously with three players each. Then we can host bigger groups, which is great for parties and events. Our goal is to build upon the success of this first Croton-on-Hudson location, expanding to more locations in the NYC Metro area and beyond. Our hyper realistic experiences will continually have increased levels of immersive content, interactive components and life like avatars.

Weekend Jaunts: Anything else to add?

Adam Anfiteatro:  Through the magic of VR we wish to immerse friends and family in ways never thought possible.

Check out our clip as we went through the The Edge VR:

The Edge VR Details:

33 N Riverside Avenue
Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520

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We were provided complimentary passes to The Edge VR. Our opinions, as always, are our own.


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