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explora in new mexico

Another one of our favorite parts of the trip was experiencing some indoor fun (a.k.a fun with AC) during a visit to the very cool Explora! museum. Located near Old Town in Albuquerque, this interactive museum was a wonderland of discovery for the kids where they had the opportunity to learn by checking out some cool and very engaging exhibits. Through this experience, they were able to touch, experiment and create as they engaged in exhibits about engineering, water, bubbles, music, movement, arts and crafts and much more.

explora foundation

explora trains

explora experimentation

Situated on two floors, you can roam as you please going from station-to-station, which depending on your kids’ age might equate for a day at Explora. We spent a majority of our time on the first floor where the kids checked out the math center, water area, arts and crafts station, aquarium, and experimentation area. There was also a contained area for toddlers to roam, touch, read and tumble around.

explora bubble play

explora bubble making

explora museum foam

When we finally got them to go upstairs, we loved how even the elevator was interactive, which included a workable piano and couches that you can relax on. On the second floor, they played in the sound room by touching and playing with various instruments. There was also an outdoor play area for toddlers, but my youngest was pretty tired at that point so we just walked around that space a bit, taking in the incredible views of Albuquerque.

Then, we went to the bubble room where they could make and play giant bubbles and foam. This room was filled with kids of all ages who took their turn making bubbles of all different sizes and shapes.

explora Sketch Aquarium

explora Sketch Aquarium

explora Sketch Aquarium

Another favorite was the Sketch Aquarium room where kids could draw a picture that would be scanned and appear on a giant and colorful screen. My daughters’ made cars, that within minutes, where on the screen amongst other cars, trucks and houses. They were amazed at the process and loved following their creation on the screen. A fun day of discovery, there is so much to see and experience at Explora! The kids had an incredible day of learning and can’t wait to return again very soon.

1701 Mountain Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

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