9 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Anxious much? This year has been a dozy and it’s not over yet. As parents, the level of stress and pressure has been mounting for months that has left many of us drained, tired and anxious.

Since we are all works in progress, how we meal with anxiety can change from one day to the next and differs from person-to-person. For me, I “deal” by limiting TV, taking breaks from social media, exercising, incorporating CBD, reading and really just taking it day-to-day. But like anything, this is an on-going process where I have had some great days in our “new normal” to some very, very hard ones.

Below, we are sharing some tips to help you cope with anxiety, including some insight provided by Dr. Dominique Gummelt, PhD, Wellness Expert and Verv Wellness Expert.

How to Cope with Anxiety

Ways to Cope with Anxiety

  1. Write: You don’t have to be a writer to write. What we mean by this is that you can create a morning ritual (or do this whenever you can) and write down your thoughts.  Here, you can share your fears, your happiness, your anxiety – or whatever is on your mind. Misha Vayner is an advocate of morning pages that you can check out here.
  2. Turn off tech: This was hard for us before the pandemic and even harder now as we want to learn all the things about the virus, Black Lives Matter, camps, online classes, Zoom calls and so much more. While information is power, there does get to be a point when it’s all too much! Find a point in your day when you stop and place your phone in another room to separate from it as much as possible. We also suggest not sleeping in the same room as your phone.
  3. Limit drinking and caffeine: This one can be hard, especially with all of these looong days and early mornings. However, caffeine and alcohol can really aggregative anxiety and trigger panic attacks. You can start by going half-decaf, half caffeine or limiting alcohol to once a week. Give yourself time as you adapt and figure out what works for you.
  4. Find a relaxing nighttime routine: After the kids are sleeping, I like to read and take some CBD Gummies. I also sometimes watch some mindless TV, depending on how much I want to zone out!
  5. Move your body: Movement is powerful that not only helps your physical body, but keeps your mental health in check. Personally, I love to run and try to go early to avoid that many people. I also love obe, which includes tons of accessible and fun workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home. Additionally, according to Dr. Dominique Gummelt, PhD, Wellness Expert & Verv Wellness Expert, “Regular exercise provides a plethora of health benefits to the wellbeing of human beings. Specifically pertaining to immunity, exercise increases T-cells and boosts the natural killer cells’ function in the immune system. Exercises contributes to decrease inflammation in the body and mobilizes massive amounts of immune cells. Interestingly, during exercise, various proteins are released that assist with maintaining immunity. She added, “One of the easiest, most practical and most inexpensive ways to work out at home is to use just your own body doing calisthenic, basic exercises. Examples of that include push-ups, lunges and squats. However, it is advisable to follow a smart routine, sequence and logical combination of calisthenics that also include a cardio-focus, strength training and flexibility training. The “Stay-At-Home-Kit” offered by the VERV App contains a brilliant set of exercise routines utilizing just your body. It provides different options addressing the different categories of fitness for all levels. A virtual coach, a timer and music are options within this kit, helping you to stay focused and make it really fun and easy to follow. These types of tools ensure that you exercise safely, effectively and with focus to achieve your wellness goals.”
  6. Take time off: This is a luxury that some of us can’t do or can never find the time for. However, you won’t be good to anyone if you are stressed-out mess. Try to carve out time for yourself to get centered and be alone. And, yes, being alone these days can even mean a trip the store by yourself or taking some time away from everyone by simply sitting in your car. You can also take time off by practicing yoga, mediating, or listening to music. I also like to take the Hemp Theory Hemp Oil Gummies to ease my stress and regulate my moods when my days are feeling particularly frantic. Featuring a citrusy (but not sugary taste), these gummies are rich in phytonutrients, all-natural, non-GMO and contain no gluten or chemicals. They are also produced from cannabis but contain no active THC.
  7. Get enough sleep: Oh, sleep. How I love you and how hard it is sometimes to get enough. With the quarantine I have been sleeping in more (hello, 8am) but I am also trying to get to bed earlier. Reading and the CBD nighttime gummies really helps to calm my mind as well as a mediation before bed. Dr. Dominique Gummelt, PhD added, “Regular adequate sleep is vital for a well-functioning immune system. While you sleep, your body makes cytokines, proteins, which target inflammation and infection. Sleep can positively impact lowering stress levels as well.”
  8. Talk to someone: Whether you have someone in your house you can talk to or someone you can call, it is important that you have these conversations and be open with any anxiety, depression or sadness you are experiencing. There are also a lot of tele-health services that you can use if you want to speak with a professional.
  9. Eat well-balanced meals: Your health is your wealth. Eat balanced meals and limit your sugar intake. Dr. Dominique suggests, “there are a lot of foods we should consume, particularly within the vegetable and fruit category! However, a few foods continuously stand out as super foods related to boosting the immunity, such as garlic, almonds, citrus fruits, broccoli, and ginger.

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  1. My sister has been suffering from anxiety ever since her husband left her for another woman, which is why I told her that it would be best if she’ll seek help from a mental health service. Well, thank you for this; I’ll make sure to inform her that yoga may help ease her pain. It’s also interesting to learn that the Hemp oil gummies will help reduce her anxiety.

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