Celebrating Screen-Free Week

Tips to celebrate screen free week.
Tips to celebrate screen free week.

Next week we are celebrating screen-free week in our house. My daughters’ school is hosting tons of activities and having a contest for which grade goes screen-free the longest. As someone that lives online for work, I am also going to be participating during non-work hours to get off the phone, computer and other devices. Although I am excited for this for myself and the kids, it isn’t exactly going to be easy! To help us out, I am sharing some tips from eeBoo creative director and owner, Mia, who illuminates how relying on creativity and adventurousness instead of screens for entertainment has shaped the people her children have become.

Screen-Free Week Tips:

Plant an indoor herb garden: 
Visit your local greenhouse and buy planters, soil, and a variety of seeds. Spend an afternoon potting your herbs, and learning about each one. Did you know that basil is a natural disinfectant?  Each week, draw a picture of your herb garden to track the progress of its growth.  In the company of your new plants, continue the garden-themed fun with eeBoo’s Gathering a Garden Spinner Game.

Play a silly story game: 
Get the family together with eeBoo’s Create a Story Cards. Draw a card and start a story based on its illustrations. Take turns drawing cards and adding a plot twist or new character inspired by the card. Up for a challenge? Test your memory skills by requiring a retelling of the story after each round.

Hold a paper airplane Olympics
: Make your own plane, or try a do-it-yourself kit, and head to the park. Have various contests: whose plane goes the furthest, which can do the coolest trick, who can land a plane in a target such as in a hula hoop.  eeBoo Jefferson Flyers come in four different colors, perfect for competing in the big race.

Go for a penny walk: 
Go for a walk with a penny, and flip the coin to decide which direction to go in. For example, heads for left, tails for right, and whatever it lands on you walk that way. After your walk, write about your adventures in the outdoors.  eeBoo Composition Notebooks make perfect nature journals.

House of bridges
: Use everyday materials to make the longest bridge you can between two pieces of furniture. Try paperclips, rubber bands, or eeBoo Pipe Cleaners. Challenge yourself to build a bridge that could hold a quarter, or maybe a little toy car!


Make the most out of your weekend!

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