#CampWarnerBros – Week 6: Alex & Me Goal Chart and Family Workout

Looking to add more movement into your kids’ day? This week at #CampWarnerBros, we are excited to share the Alex & Me Goal Chart and Family Workout (see below).

alex & me workouts for kids

Alex & Me Workouts for kids

This fun and motivational workout had us moving as we tried squats, jumping jacks, push ups, sprints, high knees and more. A fun workout for kids of all ages, this was a fun way for us all to do something together, which included team workouts and individual competitions.

Alex & Me Goal Chart and Family Workout (

We also used the Goal Chart (see below) to track our daily workouts, which Reagan (in Alex & Me) used to track her daily soccer drills.

CampWarner Bros Alex and Me

Alex & Me Movie for kids

Alex & Me movie

And after this fun workout, we watched the full-length movie Alex & Me. This uplifting movie features teenager Reagan Willis who has dreams to play soccer just like her hero, Alex Morgan. Her room features everything Alex, including a life-sized poster that comes to life one day after Reagan bumps her head when she tried to pull it off the wall.

Alex & Me Movie

With Alex by her side, Reagan finds the confidence to follow her dream and change the course of her life. We loved watching this positive story about a young female athlete who learns how you need passion, determination and self-worth to make all your dreams come true.

Alex & Me is now available to own on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD.


Make the most out of your weekend!

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