Float to the Clouds in these Amazing 10 Treehouse Hotels 

Float to the Clouds with these Amazing 10 Treehouse Hotels 

Guest post by Sandra Layton

Living in the trees may have always seemed like a total fantasy, but it’s not too late to turn your childhood dreams into a reality. Escape the fast-pace of modern society in the relaxing atmosphere of swaying trees, where birdsong and the chirping of crickets are the only sounds to break the peace and quiet of your soothing retreat. Read on to learn more about the top 10 treehouses where you experience a forest escape like no other.

10 Treehouse Hotels

1. Treehotel, Sweden

Treehotel is a tranquil haven for the weary traveler looking for a respite from the manic hustle and bustle of city life. Situated in the pine forest of Swedish Lapland, Treehotel is a beautifully modern take on treehouse living that has guests coming back again and again without fail. More than just a design favorite, the immaculate treehouses make for an incredibly luxurious stay above ground level. If the thought of living in a Swedish treehouse is not exciting enough, book your stay in the stunning Mirrorcube, an intriguing hideaway house camouflaged by reflective mirrored walls, or the quirky Bird’s Nest, which as its name suggests, looks exactly like a gigantic bird’s nest that will literally make you disappear amongst the trees. Guests can dine on fresh local produce such as elk and reindeer while gazing upon the awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis in the starry night sky. The hotel also organizes moose and bear spotting tours, fishing trips, and dog sledding activities for their guests, amongst a myriad of other uniquely Swedish activities.

2. Post Ranch Inn, USA

Hidden along the gorgeous California coastline is Post Ranch Inn, a 39-room resort offering spectacular ocean or mountain views. Rustic simplicity meets elegant luxury in a welcoming environment that invites you to relax and recuperate from the stress of your daily life. What better way to take your mind off problems than while admiring the panoramic sunset views of the Big Sur from one of the luxurious guesthouses? Post Ranch’s treehouses are elevated on stilts 3m off the forest floor and give the appearance that the entire resort is sprouting out of the cliffside. With rejuvenating spa treatments, stargazing and whale watching opportunities, and an acclaimed restaurant on the hotel grounds, we guarantee that you’ll definitely be sad to leave when the time comes!

3. Keemala, Phuket, Thailand

Soak in the tranquility of the rainforest of Kamala at this pool villa wonderland resort. Whether you are with friends or family, Keemala is the place to be for an immensely memorable stay in the wonderful region of Phuket. Known to be a sanctuary for those seeking spirituality in culturally immersive Thailand, Keemala provides many spaces for relaxation to ensure the utmost comfort for their guests. The resort’s treehouses are suspended off the ground in the belief that this elevation offers greater creativity and liberty of the mind, so according to this belief, it will definitely be an ideal place to stay for those needing to declutter some headspace. For the thrill-seekers, the resort is also in the vicinity of Kamala Beach and Patong Beach which are both vibrant locations with many fun activities. The perfect beach accessory is a float, and The Floatys has an amazing selection of all sorts for you to choose from!

4. Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa

Be captivated by the splendor of the magical Tsala Treetop Lodge, set amidst the treetops of the Western Cape. Situated between the idyllic towns of Knysna and Plettenberg Bay, Tsala is a place that you have to visit to experience the indigenous culture that Africa is known for. With 10 treetop suites and six treetop villas, Tsala Treetop Lodge boasts an exotic ambiance in its baroque decoration and design inspired by the cultural richness of Africa, merging contemporary and traditional to create a comfortable yet luxurious stay for its guests. Experience Africa’s nature up close and personal here at this architectural wonder, with all the privacy and seclusion of the thick rainforest around you. As you look upon the marvelous jungle views, you’ll be half expecting Tarzan to casually swing past!

5. Chewton Glen, UK

Chewton Glen is a charming family hotel in Hampshire, England, which is also a short journey from Central London, providing the perfect excuse for a quick get-away from the clamor of the city. Built 35-feet above the ground, you’ll be spoilt with amazing canopy views while having the luxury of lounging in the outdoor hot tub on the terrace deck for a relaxing soak. Feel the stress melt away from your muscles in the thoughtfully spacious living areas, specially decorated with colossal windows to let the natural sunlight in. Or, admire the scenic New Forest from your private balcony as you inhale the pure forest air.

Float to the Clouds with these Amazing 10 Treehouse Hotels 

6. Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses, New Zealand

New Zealand indisputably ranks as one of the most magnificent destinations on earth, and it is not hard to see why. At Hapuku, you can experience the height of New Zealand’s beauty from the five treehouses suspended 10 meters or more above a Kanuka grove. Located on the South Island of New Zealand in the quaint town of Kaikoura, Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses does not deny its guests the most impressive views of the Kaikoura mountains and the Pacific Ocean from the gigantic windows in the luxurious treehouse bedrooms, aiming to give the impression of a “bedroom in the sky”.

7. &Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, Tanzania

Set amidst a mahogany forest near the Lake Manyara, &Beyond is a romantic tree lodge with nine fantastic treehouse suites that boast a remote location to ensure the privacy and relaxation of their lucky visitors. Overlooking the dramatic Rift Valley, it’s not uncommon to spot a variety of wildlife such as birds or monkeys living in close proximity to you, for a privileged personal encounter with nature. The hotel organizes unique safari experiences and game drives for its guests, which will give them the chance to glimpse tree-climbing lions, elephant and buffalo herds, flamingoes, and giraffes amongst other animals.

8. Wilderness Safari’s Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

With a limited six forest villas, those who manage to secure a stay at the extraordinary Bisate Lodge should count themselves lucky! Adjacent to Volcanoes National Park, the Bisate Lodge is located right smack in the middle of an eroded volcano cone and is undoubtedly the best spot for uninterrupted views of the grand Bisoke and Karisimibi volcano peaks. The opulence that the Bisate Lodge emulates does not translate to ignorance of eco-sensitivity as the Lodge is extremely mindful of environmentally sustainable principles despite being the epitome of luxury. The Bisate Lodge’s mission to protect the area’s gorilla population includes guests in an immersive and one of a kind conservation experience, such as opportunities for gorilla trekking where guests can encounter habituated gorilla groups.

9. Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand

Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle offers its guests the unique experience of interacting personally with its herd of rescued elephants. Aside from the chance to play with the cute gentle giants, guests have the luxury of unwinding in one of the 15 amazing tents that the Camp owns. Discover the true spirit of Thailand with the hotel’s activities that include a leisurely sail down the Ruak River and an eye-opening trip to some of Chiang Rai’s most famous temples and sights.

Float to the Clouds with these Amazing 10 Treehouse Hotels 

10. Ivory Lodge, Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

It’s not difficult to see why a stay at one of the eight villas in the luxurious Ivory Lodge is so coveted. Overlooking the serene Sabie River, guests can treat themselves to an intimate Kosher dinner with a vast assortment of wines to sample or an invigorating spa treatment that is a great pick-me-up after a long day of game drives. The dedicated and attentive staff are always more than happy to accommodate their guests’, in order to ensure the most relaxing and personalized stay at Ivory Lodge possible. Relax to the view of the glorious African sunset in your villa’s private rim-flow pool, or take a well-deserved bath in the luxury bath prepared for you by the staff upon request.

With these amazing treehouses around the globe, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give the treetop living experience a shot. From the luxurious Ivory Lodge to the fascinating Treehotel, there’s a treehouse for everyone, and your chance to finally live out your childhood Magic Tree House dreams!


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