Tips to Maintaining Your Car

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I can’t believe it’s almost two years since I learned how to drive! This life-changing skill has not only made my day-to-day life easier (like to the billionth degree), it’s also allowed my family to easily travel in and around Westchester (and beyond) with a newfound ease.

But with driving also comes a new set of car responsibilities that I never realized. One of the the biggest is making sure the car is maintained for our road trips and day-to-day running around. Read on to check out some tips for maintaining your car to ensure that it always performs at it’s best.

Easy Ways to Maintain Your Car

Tips to Maintaining Your Car

1. Check your tire pressure:

I’ve learned more about tires that I thought was possible over the past few years. One thing that’s been constant is to maintain and check the pressure of the tires. An easy way to do this to constantly add air to the tires, which can help them maintain their pressure and to avoid any issues in the future. This is also something that should be focused on in the winter months, as the pressure can change significantly when it gets colder out.

2. Change your oil:

This is something I had no idea about until recently, and really, didn’t realize how important it is. Ideally, your oil should be changed out around every month or so to avoid build-up and grime that can affect your car, which, in some instances, can lead to engine problems.

3. Clean your car:

This one is an issue in our family. With three kids, there’s always a mess that seems to follow me around, and our car is no exception. I just read this awesome article from about how to manage a messy car and I loved the practical tips on to get on top of this issue. One of my favorites to keep cleaning products in the car for those unavoidable messy situations. Another thing we have been doing is to get our car professionally vaccummed, washed and cleaned every six months. There’s nothing like seeing the car look as good as new, at least for a few weeks before it gets trashed again.

4. Clean and check your windshield:

A broken windshield is never good. Not only is it unsafe to drive with a faulty windshield, a dirty one can also make it hard to see and drive. Make sure that you regularly clean your windshield for dirt, grime, bird feces, and even bugs. This goes for your mirrors, too!

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