Think Tank Scholar’s Learning Tools for Kids

Think Tank Scholar Learning Tools for Kids

It has been a strange and wild year of pivoting to remote learning to hybrid learning to something in-between. While it seems like the kids have adapted to the new “normal,” it’s still an incredibly challenging time to balance work, life, and some semblance of a routine. To support my remote learner, we’ve been using Think Tank Scholar ‘s flash cards.

Think Tank Scholar Learning Tools for Kids sight words

Designed for kids ages 3-9 years old, the high-quality flash cards cover math and reading as well the foundations of preschool. This includes cards that teach the alphabet, numbers and counting, shapes and colors, first words, rhyming words, sight words for grades pre-K – 3, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Think Tank Scholar Learning Tools for Kids

We have been using the flash cards for grades 1 and 2, along with the flash cards for addition for my 1st grader. Each card kit comes with clear instructions and ways to work with your child, including some games.

Think Tank Scholar Learning Tools for Kids

For the flash cards, we practice reading the stack, then she says the words and tries to spell them. Each kit also comes with different ideas for games, like word hunt, slap the deck, or complete the sentence to name a few ideas as a way to tie in what was learned with something interactive. Designed to cover 75% of words found in books for each age, they can help improve reading speed, fluency, and comprehension.

Think Tank Scholar Learning Tools for Kids math

The math facts are similar and include five teaching methods and five games, along with a tab system that allows you to measure your child’s comprehensive, organized by Don’t Know Yet, Sort of Know, Mastered to help them move on or focus on on what’s giving them difficulty.

The cards are also super high-quality that don’t easily tear or bend and housed in a sturdy box to reuse over and over again.

Whether you are homeschooling or looking for a way supplement/support, Think Tank Scholar is an awesome way to inspire a lifetime love of creative thinking and learning through educational games and materials that are both fun and thought provoking.

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