Kidpik Launches #PikKindness to Promote Kindness and Help Stop Bullying

Kidpik Launches #PikKindness to Promote Kindness and Help Stop Bullying

Kindness is king; however when you go back to school a there are a lot of complicated emotions that come into play.

This back to school season kidpik, a subscription box service designed for girls, recently announce the launch of #pikkindness–a campaign with a mission to promote and celebrate kindness in the classroom and beyond, and to help put a stop to bullying.

Joining in the effort are actresses Maya Le Clark, star of Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans, and Olivia Clark, who aside from being known for their television roles are longtime ambassadors of kindness and the co-founders of the Girl Uplifters Team: an organization that educates girls at an early age about the importance of uplifting and encouraging fellow girls. Maya and Olivia will support kidpik in spreading the word about #pikkindness on social media and help to empower their community to always choose kindness.

How it works:

Parents submit a child’s, classmate’s, or friend’s random act of kindness by filling out a simple form recounting their good deed.

Each submission will be automatically entered to win a free girl’s kidpik fashion box, available in sizes 4-16.

Five winners EACH MONTH who exemplify compassion and kindness will have a chance to win a kidpik box with seven items, which create three coordinated head-to-toe outfits including fabulous shoes, all for doing something nice. Winners will also be featured on the kidpik blog and awarded a kidpik #pikkindness trophy.

Children of all ages can relate to kindness, and kidpik’s goal is to champion good deeds and the unparalleled level of fulfillment and joy showing compassion for another human being brings. When focusing on positive actions, it becomes easier for students to make the right decisions when faced with a bullying incident. #pikkindness aims to demonstrate kindness and recognize it in others.

Join kidpik in promoting kindness among all students this back-to-school season! To learn more or to report an act of kindness, share #pikkindness and visit


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