What Can You Do NOW?

What Can You Do NOW?

What do we do now? Yes, that’s a hard question but also one that can’t go unanswered. Over these past couple of days, we’ve paused to listen, support and relearn. This has included a lot of reading, including some of the links below.

But as I’ve mentioned in my Instagram post, links alone are not going to change the world. What we can do is take consistent action, teach our children, use your voice (we all have one!), relearn history, and be an ally. I would also love to hear your thoughts and what you are doing now – please share in the comments and check out some of the links below, which we will be constantly updating.

  1. Read these books to your children.
  2. Read the sharable anti-racism guide created by  Sara Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein.
  3. Do these 75 things for racial justice.
  4. Relearn US History. This Twitter thread from Erica Buddington is a good start.
  5. Participate in a peaceful protest. Locally, there is one Dobbs Ferry and Bedford Hills.
  6. Donate to Color for change : End Racial Injustice
  7. Sign up for Black Lives Matter.
  8. Watch this video on how to talk to your kids about race.
  9. Watch the town hall on racism with your kids, hosted by CNN and Sesame Street.
  10. Research Black-Owned Businesses in your area and support them. Here are some in NYC.
  11. Read Dear White People.
  12. Donate to the ACLU,  Black Lives Matter, George Floyd Memorial Fund, I Run with Maud, National Bail Out, Black Visions Collective, to name a few.
  13. Donate locally to these Black non-profits.
  14. Research and support Black businesses.
  15. Sign a petition for change such as Justice for George Floyd​, Justice for Ahmaud Arbery​ and Justice for Breonna Taylor. 
  16. Here’s why you should stop saying All Lives Matter.
  17. Participate in a Black Voices book club.
  18. Locally, you can support these Black-owned businesses.

Make the most out of your weekend!

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