Hellosaurus Launches Interactive ‘Birthday Show’ Hosted by Tim Kubart

Hellosaurus launches interactive 'Birthday Show' for Ages 3-8 hosted by Tim Kubart

Hellosaurus, a brand new interactive children’s video startup for ages 3 to 8, recently announced the debut of their first show, The Birthday Show.

Hosted by Grammy winning, Emmy nominated children’s musician and television host Tim Kubart, The Birthday Show is free to play on tablets, computers, and phones at www.thebirthday.show (also at www.hellosaurus.com) every day at 12:00 PM ET, 9:00 AM PT.

One of the biggest disappointments for kids in the era of coronavirus is canceled birthday parties. Hellosaurus wants to give kids a way to not just celebrate but also participate in free virtual parties with The Birthday Show.

And because Hellosaurus develops shows kids can play with rather than just watch, The Birthday Show has interactive moments throughout each episode, so kids at home can play classic party games like piñata and treasure hunt, blow out candles, “eat” the cake, and unwrap a present, all on a touchscreen phone, tablet, or computer.

Each episode features a “Who’s That?” segment with a performance or how-to from a guest star — musicians, breakdancers, puppeteers, inventors, comedians — and shoutouts to real kids celebrating their birthdays. Children can also participate by creating a video present for The Birthday Show featuring their creative skills like choreography, poetry, or crafting, and it might end up in the show’s “Present-ation” segment. Parents can Request a “Shoutout” and help their kids “Share a Present,” as well as sign up for show notifications, at www.thebirthday.show.

Founded by James Ruben, former Director of Product at HQ Trivia and 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30Hellosaurus is reinventing children’s programming for touchscreen audiences. Rooted in early childhood education precepts of engagement, with a belief that children’s content should leverage mobile device capabilities so kids play more than watch, Hellosaurus is developing not just interactive kids’ shows but also the tools for creators worldwide to make their own shows for its platform.

Originally planned as a future production, Hellosaurus accelerated development of The Birthday Show and an early version of the company’s interactive platform in order to release the show while many families are sheltering at home, helping fill the need for enriching, interactive content for kids.

Join in on the party at www.thebirthday.show (also at www.hellosaurus.com). The show is available anytime and streaming every day live at 12:00 PM ET, 9:00 AM PT.


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