Tackle Stains with OxiClean’s On-The-Go Stain Pen

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Tackle Stains with OxiClean's On-The-Go Stain Pen

Stains happen. All. the. time! With 3 kids, there’s bound to be a mess wherever we turn.

To combat stains, I’ve been toting around OxiClean’s On-The-Go Stain Pen. This compact on-the-go pen, works to instantly treat stains in two easy steps.

OxiClean's On-The-Go Stain Pen

And how it works is so simple! All you have to do is apply the pen to the stained clothing and then use the attached scrubber (sort of works like an eraser) to further treat it. This quick solution works incredibly well on tough (aka annoying stains) that contains 2X more stain removing solution than Tide to Go. It was pretty amazing how this little pen works wonders to treat stains from spilled coffee, tea, sauce, soy sauce, or stains from makeup, which often can ruin clothing if they aren’t attended to right away.

OxiClean's On-The-Go Stain Pen.

In addition to being such a simple process, the pens are super convenient since they are so compact and easy to tote around. Kids can also carry them in their backpacks or even treat themselves, which my older daughter actually loves to do.

OxiClean's On-The-Go Stain Pen

Sold in one-pack or three-packs, this staple is a must-have essential for home, school or travel.

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I was provided with a sample for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.


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