Why A Little Life Sticks

It’s been over a week since I finished A Little Life, stunning novel by Hanya Yanagihara. Despite the craziness and busyness of life, I’ve still been thinking about the characters she created. The world…


Delicious Options at Exit 4 Food Hall

Discovering a new area is all about understanding its local attractions, and for me that has also involved learning about new restaurants. When we first came to our town, we instantly gravitated…


Exploring the Brooklyn Museum

The hardest part about moving was leaving Brooklyn. We’re still adapting to our new life, and have been loving the new adventures and people we have meet but there’s nothing like Brooklyn.…


Travel Ideas in Maine

Spring and summer travel planning is underway. Lighter crowds and moderate temperatures gives travelers a jump on the joys of summer during the late spring months in the coastal New England town…


Programming at the Media Arts Lab

As I mentioned, my daughter and I had an incredible time taking in a screening of The Little Prince as well as having the opportunity to meet director Mark Osborne. After the film,…


New Home Line with Oeuf Decor

Home is everything. Within the craziness of life, it’s so important to have a sanctuary to come back to. With kids that ‘so-called’ sanctuary is stretched very thin, but that doesn’t mean…


Summer Camp Tips

Sending your kids to summer camp is a big deal. While it is a rewarding experience, there are also tons of factors that come into play to make sure that camp is…


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