Afterschool Magic

So there’s usually nothing magical about afterschool hours a.k.a the pre-witching hours. At least not in these neck of the woods. It generally means the time where I have to catch up…


Lorena Canals Washable Rugs

I’ve always thought that rugs help make a room look much nicer than having an empty floor. I have got hand-knotted rugs (Read more on Bazaar Velvet) around the house and I…


Celebrating Screen-Free Week

Next week we are celebrating screen-free week in our house. My daughters’ school is hosting tons of activities and having a contest for which grade goes screen-free the longest. As someone that…


Safety Around Water Week

With summer coming, I’m banking on having time in the sun (obvious) and also more adventures to the beach and the pool. With three little ones, this is also a concern when…


Tips for Safe Kids Day

April 24th is Safe Kids Day. While everyday is about safety, this specific day highlights the life-saving programs of Safe Kids Worldwide, an incredible nonprofit organization that’s working to protect children from unintentional injuries,…


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